Terrorism this is due to the inadequate

is a big issue worldwide now more than ever because of the facility with which
terrorists can recruit new ones from asylums and places of refuge; it’s a
threat to international security because of the terrorist attacks. These
terrorist organization are finding it easier to get access to countries in the
Mediterranean region through refugees and this is due to the inadequate
cooperation between those countries.

problem is represented by the variety of landscapes that this region has which
make it exposed to different types of attacks. The main landscape that can be
found in Europe is water and it is home to “Maritime Terrorism”, which it
thought to be rising even though there haven’t been big terrorist attack in the
Mediterranean yet.

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migration crisis is still rising at an alarming rate and the speed with which
immigrants are arriving in the countries of this region is very unpredictable;
this causes a weakening of security and border control. It’s difficult for
countries’ governments to acknowledge that terrorist are entering the country under
the guise of refugees because this fact affects the public view of immigrant,
who, in certain countries, are already unpopular. But terrorists disguising
themselves as migrants to enter the countries are just a small part, most of
them, who have already gotten inside the countries, use the weakened security
in their favour to cross borders.

German Marshall Fund of the United States thinks that the security of the
Mediterranean is too focused on singular countries and not regionally enough
and this is what lets terrorist enter the countries and move from one to another.

aren’t UN solution for terrorism around the Mediterranean yet, but there are
more general ones that acknowledge the importance of fighting it and not
financing it. Some of the affected countries have already created Committees to
discuss about it and to try to extinguish it, like Italy, which has implemented
the Counter-Terrorism Committee, hoping to drain the financial stability of
terrorist organizations.

2013 The Dublin Act was amended. It forced immigrants who were seeking asylum
to become citizen of the country so that terrorists couldn’t move between
countries, but this act created an uneven distribution of the migrants in
certain countries of the European Union that border the Mediterranean Sea, like
Italy, which is the most popular “destination” for them.

2015, a resolution was created by the Security Council to combat the ISIL (Islamic
State of Iraq and the Levant) and Al-Qaida; this resolution asked members to
freeze any funds to prevent the sale of arms to terrorist organizations, but it
didn’t obtain much success because the terrorist groups were stronger than the
sanctions imposed by the UN.

the summer of 2016 the Maldives’ government created the first state policy
about terrorism, after the death of Yameen Rasheed, who was killed in April by
some terrorist organizations. This new policy aimed to increase security and
awareness in resorts, seaports and airports. In the policy, the Maldivian
president Abdulla Yameen acknowledges that there is a small number of extremists
in the Maldives and that they have easier access to information through the
internet. Some of these extremists have traveled to fight oversea and they have
brought the entire family with them; but the real problem is that the ones who
have fought in those conflicts are encouraging other people to do the same. All
these news are affecting the Maldives’ economy because they’re scairng the
tourists off and tourism constitutes the biggest part of the country’s income.

policy also lists some international obligations that the government commits to
take, like: “Maldives will take all necessary measures against terrorism and
violent extremism in accordance with the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism
Strategy and the Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism”.
Other “steps” are:
actively working in the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism, actively
participating in the efforts of the Commonwealth’s Countering Violent Extremism
Unit and joining international treaties, which aim to combat terrorism, like
the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

Maldives do not tolerate terrorism and they will take measures against who’s
committing “an act or acts of terrorism, or financing, joining, encouraging or
providing any manner of assistance or support to, terrorists and violent

are already some works being undertaken to prevent terrorism, such as
formulating strategies and response plans, conducting programs aimed at the
safety of resorts and taking measures to assess threats to national security
from foreign people entering the country.

To get
rid of terrorism, and therefore of terrorist attacks, around the Mediterranean
Sea it is peremptory that the affected countries improve their security and the
border control, to avoid letting extremist get inside the countries as refugee.

For this reason it is important that new rules, to establish if the immigrant
is suitable to become citizen of the new country, get created.

It is
very important as well that all the countries, although they are not personally
impacted by terrorism, offer support to the ones that need it the most.

It is
also imperative that immigrants get evenly distributed in the territories of
the different countries, always paying attention to possible threats and to not
letting terrorist move between them.

is affecting the whole world but it is important to help the most damaged
countries, the ones who have experienced various attacks. Every country should
pay attention for itself but it is essential that all of them work together to
combat terrorism, in fact terrorists are facilitated by the lack of cooperation
between countries.

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