Terrorists New York’s World Trade Center. When the



are everywhere. Over our history they have claimed thousands of innocent lives
for their own purposes in the worst possible way.  From the streets of New York to Angola in
Africa, there is no place that is truly safe. 
The creativeness of the terrorists seems to have no end, whether it be
bombings to improvised devices to plane crashes to suicide bombers, their
disregard for human suffering in pursuit of their own goals is endless.  This paper will examine some of the worst and
their toll on humanity (Sawe).


September 11, 2001 the United States came under attack. 19 Islamic extremists associated
with Al Qaeda and from four different countries, Saudi Arabia, United Arab
Emirates, Lebanon and Egypt, hijacked four commercial airplanes and carried out
the worst attack on US soil.  Including
the 19 terrorists, 2,996 people died and more than 6,000 were injured that day
alone. The victims included people from 62 different countries (Countries). 

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            Two of the
hijacked planes were flown into the south and north towers of New York’s World
Trade Center.  When the towers collapsed,
many of those that responded to help rescue the victims perished
instantly.  This included 343
firefighters, 60 police officers and 8 paramedics.


            A third
plane was flown into the Pentagon in Virginia. The fourth plane was crashed in
Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania, although it is believed it’s intended
target was Washington, DC and specifically the White House. 


            The cost to
infrastructure alone was between 10 billion and $13 billion. The cost to human
life cannot be so easily calculated. Even though almost 3,000 people died on
that day alone, it’s not over yet.  The
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s World Trade Center Health Program
reports that by 2016, over 5,400 people have been diagnosed with more than
6,000 separate cancers linked to the September 11 attacks (Vonow).


            The Al
Qaeda claimed the attacks were in retaliation for the support that the United
States gives to Israel, because there were US troops in Saudi Arabia, and because
of U.S. sanctions against Iraq.  On
October 7, 2001, the global war on terrorism began.


            On March 11, 2004, 10 bombs exploded
on four different trains in three different Madrid-area train stations during
rush hour. 191 people were killed and nearly 2,000 more were injured. 


            Evidence pointed toward an extreme
Islamic militant group thought to be working in the name of Al Qaeda as the
perpetrators.  Many people believe these
attacks were retaliation for Spain’s participation in the war in Iraq (History).





            On August
14, 2007, in the Yazidi communities of Kahtaniya and Jazeera in Iraq, four
different coordinated suicide bombers killed over 500 people and wounded more
than 1,500 others. This made it the second worst terrorist attack in history at
that time.


            This time
the terrorists utilized three cars and a fuel tanker. The 2 tons of explosives
used trapped many people beneath the wreckage of crumbled buildings.  Many of the survivors had to be dug out from
under the wreckage by hand because equipment was unavailable. Hospitals and
pharmacies were overwhelmed by the injured and available medications were


            Although no
terrorist group claimed responsibility for this act, the President of Iraq
blamed Sunni insurgents.  During the time
leading up to the attack, tensions between the Yazidis and the Sunni Muslims
had been escalating.  The Yazidis were
labeled infidels and anti-Islamic by the Sunnis. They were warned of imminent
attacks (Sawe).  As bad as it was, this
was not the worst to befall the Yazidis.


            In August 2014, Islamic State
militants launched an assault on the Yazidi religious community in Sinjar, northern Iraq.  More than 3,100 people were killed and about
6,800 kidnapped in just a matter of days. Thousands of the captured men were
killed in what the United Nations has called genocide against the Yazidis


            On October
31, 2015, a Russian passenger plan was blown out of the sky over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.  224 people were killed, including 219 Russian
citizens, 4 Ukrainians and 1Belarus national. Most of the passengers were
tourists. 17 of them were children.


stated on November 17 that this was an act of terrorism as there were traces of
foreign explosives found in the debris. UK security investigators believe
someone inserted an explosive device on top of the luggage before the plane
took off.  A U.S. official reported that
US intelligence agencies had preliminary evidence that the bomb was planted by
a local affiliate of the Islamic state.


            Militants from that affiliate, known
as Sinai Province, took responsibility. 
They claim it was in response to Russia airstrikes that has killed
hundreds of Muslims in Syria (Russian).


            We could go on and on, listing example
after example. Terrorism is everywhere and has been on a steady rise since the
attacks in New York on September 11,2001.  In 2014 alone, there were 43,566 reported
fatalities and 41,061 reported injuries connected to terrorism (Max Roser).


            So, is
it terrorism or is it war?  Has the war
on terror made us safer? There are many that will argue that the war on terror
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