thanksgiving celebration

overcoming her disconnections and reconnecting with her native culture, Amy is able to achieve the Thanksgiving celebration that she wants for her children. Amy becomes disconnected from her native culture when she immigrates to the United States. After living in the United States for a couple of days, Amy wonders night after night if she can face another one of those days like the one she had safely survived.

Amy soon wakes up and goes shopping while waiting to pick up the kids from school.One of Amy’s problems was the leak that she had in her apartment for four months ow, she would call in someone to fix it but the tenant would Just reply that “we will get to you as soon as possible but we have bigger problems in other rooms, and were working as fast as we can. “(3557) Amy’s problem would Just make her think about how she misses Puerto Rico and how she starts to feel isolated and disconnected the longer she lives in her. Amy’s isolation and disconnection from her culture and other characters worsened after Charlie’s death.

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When Amy wondered and groped about Charlie’s death, no one could tell her what had really happened or how he felt or hat he was thinking before he died. Amy remembered back to when the news came to her of Charlie’s death. It was two officers at her door, Amy welcomed the officers in and they told her to have a seat. Only one officer spoke and said “on the Bruckner Boulevard Expressway….

head on collision… dead on arrival… didn’t suffer too long.

.. nobody was with him, but we found his wallet. Amy didn’t want to believe it she was saying the officers were lying, but she finally realized that it was reality and that Charlie was dead. Charlie’s death really hurt her deep and worsened her emotionally.

Amy thought about the dinner for the kids for the next day and how she didn’t have enough money to afford anything. Amy before would turn to Charlie and share, but this time there was no one. Amy thought of calling the lawyers once more but she thought “what good would it do? ” last time she called the lawyers they had said “the case takes a while before it goes into trial. Amy’s survivor benefits had not been sufficient, so now Marys only other support was the “Aid to Dependent Children Agency’ which she had managed to still get some support from. In New York she had Papo and Mary but she did not want to go to them. Amy later remembered about Jimmy, who was Charlie’s work friend, and how maybe she could ask him for help. He would come by to Amy’s house often after Charlie’s death, but Amy was not ready to see another man, not Just then, so she discouraged him.After remembering what she had done she Just hoped he would visit her again.

(3561) Finally, Amy recollects her past and forms a new connection to her grandmother and her Puerto Rican heritage. She remembers back in Puerto Rico where her and her families were close, and when the children would help their parents do chores around the house and cook to get hings ready for the holidays. On holidays Amy’s grandmother would sit the children down and begin to tell stories of her childhood and how things were back when she was a child too.After remembering all these memories from her past in Puerto Rico, she connects strongly to her family and begins to overcome everything that has isolated and disconnected her from her culture.

She finally becomes strong enough started gathering everything to get ready for her thanksgiving. She started working quickly by first setting the table with a tablecloth, napkins and paper cups to match. All the silverware and dishes were decorated with turkeys, pilgrims, Indian corn, and all the symbols of the Thanksgiving holiday. She bought a roll of orange paper streamers and decorated the kitchen chairs.For the children she made name cards printed with bright magic markers.

She was able to purchase a small holiday cake for dessert. After finally decorating everything Amy thought “what if my family doesn’t like it, or thinks I’m a fool, what if they laugh? “(3562). But she knew she already did all of the decorating she cannot take the effort back all she can do now is go on with the celebration and see where the day goes. So she put all the food on the table and then called up the children and told them that their dinner was ready.All the children came and looked in surprise and Joy. The children shouted about how good and pretty everything looked, they all looked for their seats that had their names on them in bright colors. The children were all seated and they asked “mother is this the whole surprise? ” Amy answered “yes,” she brought out the eggs and the children asked “Easter eggs for Thanksgiving? ” Amy said “theyre not Just Easter eggs.

” The children silently turned to one another and asked “what are they? ” the mother said theyre turkey eggs, what’s better than a turkey on Thanksgiving?Turkey eggs! “(3563. ) Finally then the family, with Joy, started eating and celebrating like Amy’s grandmother had done with her. After the children were done, Amy started talking about how her grandmother introduced to her the turkey eggs from a farm she got them from and then started talking about the farm and what lived on the farm. The children then wanted to hear the story that Amy’s grandmother had told her and as her grandmother did, Amy began with all the nearly impossible stories that were told for their culture and celebrations back in Puerto Rico.Though Amy faced disconnections from her native culture and family, reconnecting with her grandmother enables Amy to hold a Thanksgiving celebration. After the instances where Amy had been disconnected from her culture and isolated to live in the American culture she was not welcomed or adapted to yet. She is able to realize her past and use it to make herself stronger so that she can celebrate a Thanksgiving for her and her children. Citation Page: Mohr, Nicholasa.

“A Thanksgiving Celebration. ” The Health Anthology of American Literature. Volume E. Ed. Paul Lauter et al. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2010. 3556-64. Print.

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