The a new term which is unheard. The

The word “HONOR’ relates to somebody who
is respected by other individuals based on some incredible achievements, who is
exceptionally capable, or who carries on in a way that is ethically right. The
word honor code is a clarification made by a school or institution tending to
issues such as cheating, taking, and twisting in which its individuals
guarantee to take after to. Honor codes are self-regulating and allows maximum freedom for students,
in the completion of all academic work, and to ensure the integrity of that
work. The
Honor Code is very important in protecting every student’s original
ideas and also completing their academic work successfully.

Firstly, this is my first encounter with the
word honor code. For a typical student from India, this is relatively a new
term which is unheard. The reason behind this is, we are not exposed to such a
culture where academic institutions trust the students basing on honor codes.
Cheating in exam is quite common and most professors find different ways to
restrict plagiarism.

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Example: There are some cases in Bihar state where hundreds of students
committed to mass copying in exams and the government has ordered for a retest.
Such issues are quite common in some of the states in India.

         Secondly, many colleges and
educational institutions have honor codes, but they are neglected and not
enforced properly. On a personal note, every student in India who are serious
about their academic career tend to bound and abide to some rules which can be
called as personal honor code.


 Honor code revolves around students by making
them responsible for policing each other. But the culture back in India is
self-moral policing. Education system in India is considerably competitive and
not all the time students can use plagiarism or malpractice to prove their
skills. Every student should be knowledgeable enough and clear all his credits
so that he is eligible for a degree.  The
culture in universities revolves around how well you perform in your exams.  

I personally admit that throughout my
entire academic career, I submitted my assignments on time and never took
unauthorized support from others during my exams. I tried to attend each and
every lecture irrespective of attendance. I can proudly say that many of the
students back in India are loyal to their academics and never encourage
unauthorized aid. Even the universities in India at strict on malpractice and
plagiarism. They never encourage such incidents and were strict on such issues.
I saw many students who got detained when they were caught in such unauthorized

conclude, an honor code is needed to create an environment of discipline and
loyalty that produces graduates with high ethical values. I feel that honor
code is very important in academics, as it makes each and every student responsible
for policing each other. This allows transparency and integrity in one’s work. I
had a complete change of attitude and will not encourage plagiarism and strongly
stand with the honor code of Valparaiso University and abide to the rules. At
this point, I would like to a quote a famous saying from a roman politician
Cicero “Honor is reward of virtue”
which means that we receive honor through high moral standards.  And I consciously ensure that I follow the
honor code which makes a respectable human being in society.




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