The 2014). The aim of this study is

The above diagram is visual description of my study. With the level of FDI concentrated in the mining sector, its impact on economic growth is limited to the robust functioning of the Mining sector. Furthermore, the high macroeconomic contribution of the mining sector entails the stability, or lack of it thereof, of the economy is defined by this sector. Most importantly, the high proportion of exports that the mining sector commands clearly indicates that Zambia is not only dependent on primary export commodities but also a lack of diversification of the economy. A combination of these factors suggests that the manufacturing sector is underutilized and therefore creates a dependency on manufactured imports. Compared to other resource rich nations, the mining sector’s contribution to the economy in Zambia is the highest. For instance, the average contribution to exports in other resource rich countries is between 30% and 60%, that of government revenue 3-20% and that of direct employment around 1 % (ICMM: 2014). The aim of this study is to investigate if this structure may be responsible for the lack of economic growth dynamism.

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