The ABR To address the issue of ASSR

Auditory Steady-State Response: Comparisons with the Auditory Brainstem

Two studies are
reported in which the threshold estimates from auditory steady-state response
(ASSR) tests are compared to those of click- or toneburst-evoked auditory brainstem
responses (ABRs).

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Various issues
associated with the comparison of the two evoked potentials should be
considered, including frequency specificity, response generators, the effects
of hearing loss and automatic detection algorithms.

Two studies were
undertaken that compared the ASSR with the ABR. First, a retrospective
case review was used to compare ASSR test results in relation to c-ABR. Second,
a direct comparison of ASSR and tb-ABR threshold estimation techniques was
conducted using adult listeners.

Study 1: comparison of
ASSR with ABR results

This study reports a
reanalysis of some data from Rance and colleagues (1995, 1998) to provide some
additional comparisons among audiometric threshold, c-ABR, and ASSRs. Method
Overall, there
were 192 comparisons between behavioral and evoked potential (ABR and ASSR)
thresholds, with 39 at 500 Hz, 78 at 1 kHz, 18 at 2 kHz, and 57 at 4 kHz. Results
The results show
that both c-ABR and ASSR have strong and statistically significant (p



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