The Since December 26, 2012 it has

The leader
from Japan is the prime minister. Since December 26, 2012 it has been Shinz? Abe (?? ??) . He is also the president of the Liberal
Democratic Party. Abe was already elected in 2006, but resigned in 2007 because
of health issues. He became Prime Minister again in 2012. In 2014 and 2017, he
had been re-elected. So as of now, he is in his fourth term as Prime Minister.


is very high in Japan, one of the highest in the world. Therefore, Abe shows
multiple signs of masculinity. For example, he named an entire economic
strategy after himself; Abenomics. This is to show everybody that he knows the
answers to a better economy. When his strategies work out everybody will know
his name, just the way he wants.

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Abe opposed
to an amendment that permitted women to become the Empress of Japan. ( Being the Emperor of Japan is,
after the Prime Minister, the highest function in Japan. The Emperor of Japan
has the power to choose who the Prime Minister is. Abe not letting a woman be
the Empress of Japan, is a sign of masculinity. He wants to show that men are
more capable of having power.

One of the
big strategies of Abenomics was a growth strategy focusing on structural reform
and private sector investment to achieve long-term growth in the economical
world. This is a sign of long-term orientation. Though, as a Prime Minister, it
makes sense that you should be long-term oriented, since you want to make great
changes for your country in the future. You have to think forward. Therefore, loads
of Abe’s strategies are long-term oriented. Otherwise Japan might not make

Being loyal
to your job is a sign of individualism ( . Thus, Abe being re-elected as
Prime Minister after he already resigned a couple years before, shows that he
is an individualist. He resigned mainly because of health reasons, but stayed
loyal to his job. So, as soon as he was getting better, he made a political











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