The Alahambra

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The ALHAMBRA Karim Elibiary ARC 267-R- History of Architecture Professor Richard Jhon November 14, 13 Your highness Sultan Mohammed, I would like to put forward a proposition; I truly understand the hardship that our people are going through at these dark times, our 500 year old Muslim empire has never saw a more desperate time then that of now. The Christian kingdom are pushing us south, further and further, if no action is enforced soon Granada will no longer exist and this great land once harvest by our fathers and by our father’s fathers will soon be handed over to Castile or Aragon.It is in our hands to protect the allegiance of Granada. I apprehend your passion towards the vigorous search to find a settlement in which I may design your fortress.

I am writing to you to inform you of our most recent discovery, it is known that over 100 years ago a Muslim fortress was formed somewhere on the Andalusia mountains. After weeks of climbing the wooded steep sloping mountains above the picturesque city of Granada I have finally found it, The A1 Katala. At first the structure may not to seem much stirring however, we haveSabika hill framed by the mountains of Sierra Nevada, the hill rises over 100 meters from the ground??? moreover, the last rocks sierra Nevada is no gateway to any enemies, crucial for defensive strategies. Now, I will attempt to use my deign explanations to visually paint you a masterpiece of what will eventually become a magnificent fortress of your dreams, whose citadel will dominate the Granada skyline. We shall rebuild the AL Cazaba into a stronghold large enough to support our troops, on the northern side of the hill a cluster of palaces surrounded by royal ardens will create a northern royal quarter.Adjacent, a township, housing the hundreds of people needed to run and guard this paradise on earth.

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Encircling the perimeter large walls dotted with 37 sky piercing towers to fght off those who dare to try to attack us. Yet this would be more than a military stronghold but a pleasure palace of exquisite courtyards. To begin we must build a watchtower, a structure larger than Granada has ever seen. This will help portray a message to both the Muslims of Granada and the Christian enemies that we are powerful rulers and that e can protect our people.It will be placed on the most western tip of the Sabika hill where it will be surrounded by three steep sloped hills whilst dominating the Granada plane.

This will allow it to hold off any attackers whilst the rest of the complex is constructed. You may assume that building such a grand tower on a precipice is preposterous, and that we don’t possess the advanced tools needed, though it is merely a miss interpretation. The secret lies within the illusion.At the base of the Sabika hill we find the source of the raw construction material, clay sand nd stone mixed with water. A lime and sand stucco layer will protect it from any rain and wind resulting into the flawless conglomerate that will form heaven of earth.

As the materials are already on site, the construction will be efficient. Our legacy all depends on superior intelligence and prompt communication. No single watchtower will be able to protect our pressured empire of Granada, no matter how large nor intimidating it may appear.

Which is why a network of signal towers surrounding the perimeter of your empire will be designed to warn us of the Christian advance. These owers will gather all information of any sole entering of leaving the perimeter; this should result into early notification of any attempt of attack. When a spontaneous hint of severe threat is perceived the urgent warning will be conveyed to your highness by the use of reflecting mirrors, glares racing from tower to tower towards the kingdom received at the roof of the main watchtower in no time.

A design so carefully laid out that I will precisely control the construction process to eliminate the chances of disruption by possible enemy attacks. Once the watchtower is in place, wo additional towers will be built, thus, connecting the towers with three-meter thick walls the A1 Cazaba fortress will arise from the red dirt. This will house both the builders and troops needed to guard the rest of the invisionent, with a main gate hidden in the back convenient for the builders.Beyond the gate lays a street that runs through the A1 Cazaba terminating at the watch tower, along carefully paced will be five warehouses and thirteen private houses, kilns, store houses and a bakery will supply the populations needs Furthermore beyond the AL Cazaba and the rodigious palaces I envision a majestic land threaded with gardens vital for sustainability that will last an eternity. This landscape will recreate an oasis, with a productive. Devised for practicability as well as pleasure, harvest food along blossoming flowers.As the river flows beneath the hill, therefore, six kilometres beyond the site at a higher altitude a dam shall be built thus a reservoir shall be created. A brick lined canal will allow the water to flow downhill at a constant gradient, tunnels will be carved out of any obstacles and a aqueduct that cross the ajor gaps between hills.

This channel will form the lifeline of the citadel; water will flow to every corner of the enterprise, providing fresh water for the populous. The water will balance the heat of the piercing Granada sun.Shallow pools dotted along the water channels will allow the water to slow down, and the silt and dirt will fall to the bottom purifying the water required for our religious rituals. I understand that the design may be overwhelming yet compelling, nonetheless I only ask you to plant a seed in this victorious soil that will soon flourish into paradise. This spectacular etwork of palaces may be our only hope is protecting this majestic land well preserved by the prior generations.Best regards, Word count- 1020 Bibliography Jesus Bermudez/ de Passos Lopez, 2011, The Alhambra And The Generalife Official Guide, Antique Collectors Club Ltd http://www. alhambradegranada.

org (accessed November 10th 2013) Irwin, Robert, 1946- The Alhambra Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2004. Alhambra / Michael Jacobs ; photography by Francisco Fern?¤ndez. 1952- New York : Rizzoli, 2000. http://www. greatbuildings.

com/buildings/The_Alhambra. html (accessed November


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