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The Currie paradise are responsible as a foodbusiness operator based on Regulation (EC) NO178/2002, which includes the normalfood law and principles. All food productions are need to complu the FoodHygiene England Regulations at 2006 and the Regulation (EC) NO 852/2004. In article1, it outlines all the normal hygiene requirements that needs to be aware tothe Currie Paradise.

Meanwhile, the Regulation (EC) 852/2004 also told that thefood safety management system needs to follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis andCritical Control Point). The Currie Paradise factory has based its system ofcontrol on HACCP with all these principles that been set below:All hazards need to be identified. It isnecessary to protect and destroy any hazard or decrease them back to anacceptable level via identified the CCP. The critical limits need to beestablished and separate them into acceptability from the un acceptability. All procedures about the critical controlpoints need to be monitoring efficiently. If the problem of critical controlpoints is out of control, the corrective actions need to be established immediately.Meanwhile the verification procedures are also needs to be established.

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The currieparadise need to make sure the safety management system records is up to dateand all documents are well documented. The currie paradise operation need to cooperate with the HACCP team to identified to significant food safety hazard. Theseare detailed in the Food Safety Manual along with the necessary controls toprevent the risks occurring.  Product Recall If for any reason a product has been sailedand used is considered unsafe, than all of those products need to be recallfrom the customer and retailer as soon as possible, and alert the local area.Until the problem has been totally figured out and solved, basic on the food legislation,the Currie Paradise take the responsibility of the production. All productionrelevant to the sauce of the problem is also need to been watched and analysis.The Environmental Health Manager should be informed.

Meanwhile if it is necessary,the local Environmental Health Department will be aware of the issue.


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