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Last updated: June 7, 2019

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), UniformCrime Reporting (UCR) program and the National Incident-Based Reporting System(NIBRS) are the three main sources used to provide annual reports on variousstatistics such as: crimes, offenders, victims and more. The crime datareporting systems are used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and theBureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).NCVS provides information pertaining to the victims,measures types of crimes including those not reported to law enforcement. Theannual survey focuses on non-fatal personal crimes such as rape, robbery andassault as well as property crimes that include burglary, vandalism and theft.Other type of information found on the NCVS survey is calculated crimes as wellas comparing the changes in crime rates throughout the years. The UCR program provides information from 18,000 agencies nationwidewith a goal to produce accurate information from reports disclosed to lawenforcement such as murder, aggravated assault and forcible rape.

The UCRprogram provides additional data on the officers killed and assaulted and therelationship between the victim and offender. NIBRS gathers detailed information that was measured in theUCR program as well as any occurrences and arrests from law enforcementagencies. Divided into group A and group B offenses, detailed information suchas the date, time, area where the incident occurred, victim and offenderdemographics and relationship and the type of weapon used. In my opinion, the UCR program is more important because itis the system that is more widely used by researchers’, the public, law enforcementagencies and college students.

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The UCR relies on 18,000 agencies which providesmore information. However, NIBRS is more accurate as it provides crimestatistics by supplying a contingency for crimes as well as the detailedinformation provided by officers from their incident reports. All infractionswithin every criminal occurrence is surveyed and due to its ability to providevital crime statistics, it has improved the quality of crime data.  A challenge that exists in reporting systems, is that lawenforcement agencies in large populations aren’t reporting their data as wellas some victims because of their fear or negative view towards the law andpolice officers. To overcome the challenges, all participants should provide informationto the NCVS, UCR and NIBRS to ensure that crime statistics are accurate andpublic needs are being met.

It’s would also help if police officers have moreinteraction with communities to build a rapport so they will feel morecomfortable to report a crime.


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