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Last updated: May 17, 2019

The aspect I’m interested in within Graphic Design, is the expansive field of testing on new skills and techniques, in a wide variety of different formats such as Photography, Print and Illustration. I believe design is still relevant because it is everywhere around us in the modern day. There is always a high demand for designers in the industrial, as they continue to influence consumers with visual communication through a logo or a brand. This is my chosen career path because I have an interest in the subject area.                                                                                                                                                                      Practically want to learn as much as possible from studying Graphic Design. I am interested in the idea that there are many different perspectives and approaches to take in the subject.

I hope that BA (HONS) Graphic Design would teach me how to analyse and evaluate information further in order to respond creatively to a project, as well as developing my understanding of materials and methods in my concepts through development and presenting that to others.I want to apply for BA (HONS) Graphic Design, as I enjoy communicating with others in a studio environment. I am always interested in other peers ideas.

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I personally feel I can learn from them and find my own inspiration in a project. I am able to respond well to constructive criticism, as I feel it helps me reflect on my own development to achieve a high-quality resolution to the best of my ability. I am currently studying an Art and Design course which has really helped me improve my own skills, with the help of my tutors, I have experimented with hand-printing techniques and have a clear understanding of software like Photoshop and Illustrator. I have also experienced life drawing which I particularly enjoyed the most from my course because I like the complexity of composition in it.There are so many skills that this course has enabled me to look back on, from my recent projects that made me dive into the importance of creating a professionally designed book cover, the project made me quite observant, as I had to respect the source material, writers intentions and appeal to an overall target audience in the process. The project kept me on my feet as I had to see what worked and what didn’t, it really challenged me to think from another perspective. Another project for my course required me to develop a final outcome from a theme revolving around Survival and Extinction, to relate to this theme I explored the Manchester Imperial War Museum and looked at the consequences of war which I felt overall linked into subject matter quite well, this gave me a real insight of the devastation of what war can course to the environment and people psychology, which I wanted to respect visually into my final development.

My main influence in Art and Design has been from my favourite artist Grayson Perry. I like the controversial subject matters that Perry tackles about Identity, gender role, sexuality and religion through a comprehensive range of different formats like ceramics, prints and fashion. Perry really likes to show his personal insight into society through negativity with graphic imagery. Some themes I found really reflected my lifestyle which inspired me to go down a pathway with art because I want to influence people’s perception. I personally feel that graphic design as a whole will help me achieve that goal. As creativity helps motivate me to improve my skills and passion for the subject, which I am excited for to learn new skills.

I am a highly eager student that likes to brainstorm and expand my design process. I don’t tend to give up easily but always push myself further to produce a valid final design.I am very confident and independent learner. I understand that university will be a completely new experience for me, however, I am ready for the next step in my education.


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