The Forged by Fire is drug/substance abuse and

The novel Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper has included many issues that plague this country. One prevalent issue in Forged by Fire is drug/substance abuse and addiction. Two of the main characters, Monique and Jordan abuse substances and are addicted to it. I decided to research drug/substance abuse and addiction because I’ve seen it throughout my life. My Aunt is a reformed smoker, and my Grandma used chewing tobacco for over fourty years, up until her death. A drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences (1). The initial decision to take drugs is voluntary for most people, but repeated drug use can lead to brain changes that challenge an addicted person’s self-control and interfere with their ability to resist intense urges to take drugs (1). Substance abuse costs our Nation over $600 billion annually and treatment can help reduce these costs (1). Drug addiction can happen to anybody. It can happen to people in low-income, crime filled neighborhoods, or rich successful businessmen. People can get help for their drug/substance addiction by calling addiction hotlines such as 1-877-628-6974, go to drug abuse clinics in your area, and get help and support from your family members. In Forged by Fire two main characters, Monique and Jordan are addicted to drugs. In the beginning of the story Monique frequently uses cocaine, which is an addictive simulative drug. Her personality would change, and would be more aggressive and potentially hit Gerald if he did something wrong. The second time Monique gets addicted to alcohol, specifically whiskey. She would find ways to leave the house to go drink with her friends, and so she started neglecting her children. Her third and final time, she was prescribed pain killers and became depend on them. She would say her head hurt or her back is on fire whenever she was not on her pills. Jordan Sparks on the other hand would throw in the towel and drive to a local bar to drink and possibly abuse the children, cat or even Monique after drinking. Two other main characters in Forged by Fire, Angel and Gerald, would react to Monique and Jordan differently when they were abusing substances. Whenever Monique used cocaine, Gerald would be very freightened even hiding behind the couch to avoid her change in behaivor. For the second and third time, he would try to help the family or Monique whenever she was distant and negligent due to drug usage. When Jordan was on drugs, Gerald would get angry, wondering why his father could walk into there house and try to punch his own daughter. Angel grew incredibly scared of Jordan, telling Gerald that he made her feel cold and dead inside. Near the end of the story Angel and Gerald start watching her pain killers with vitamins, and Jordan ends up dying in a fire, ironically saving Angel and Geralds life in the process. Forged by Fire accurately displays drug/substance addiction. Drug/substance abuse and addiction is common in the US, as over 20 million people are addicted to drugs/substances (1). The author displayed the topic accurately because they  Monique and Jordan is displayed as neglectful and distant. In the story Monique and Jordan commonly left the children to live on there own. Their behaviour would also change when they were own drugs/substances. In the end of the story Monique becomes distant and becomes a shadow of her former self, as said by Gerald. She forgets to do things such as cooking food, buying food and paying bills. The family have had to move multiple times because she hasn’t payed her bills. Jordan would again throw in the towel and leave the house and go to the local bar whenever he was mad at one of the children. The issue of drug/substance abuse and addiction showed in Forged by Fire is a plaque for this country. 20 million people out of 320 million should not be addicted to drugs/substances (1). Over 90% of these addictions started before they were 18, meaning they were taking drugs when they were teenagers (1).  These people have either wasted their lives and or are currently wasting them, because they were exposed to drugs at a young age. Drug/substance abuse is a serious topic, and needs to be addressed, such as how Angel and Gerald took Monique’s painkillers away from her in replace of vitamins. If you see someone who is tackling an addiction, help them out.

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