The economic situation of consumer is a greater

The individual behavioural is influence by the personal factor, which comes from themselves. It including economic situation and lifestyle.

The economic situation of consumer is a greater factor which influencing them in purchasing decision. When the income and saving of consumer is higher, they will tend to spend it and buying more expensive product such as high-end smartphone. However, when their saving and income is low they will low interest to the expensive product because of their level of affordable.

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The life style of individual will indicate how the person life and spending the money. Lifestyles refer to how person live in society and express thing in their environment. Lifestyles is influencing the consumer buying behaviour and decision (Kotler &Armstrong, 2010, p.170). Lifestyles is determined by its client interest, opinion and activities shape in their life. The consumer tend to choose product which related to their daily life activities. In choosing mobile phones, their interest is according to which activities and environment their have. It means if the person is like an adventure and sport, they should choose the phones which is durable and water resistant which match to their lifestyles. Social Factor

Social factor also influencing consumer purchase decision. Its including the references group, family, role, and status. This explain the outside influence of other on our purchase decision either directly or indirectly.

The reference group defines as a group who can provide some comparison which consumer refer between themselves and that group in their behavioural lifestyle, desire and habits. They influence the image that individual has of himself as well as his behavioural. It will be group of membership or non-membership. The consumer can be influenced from the group that his not belong yet but want to be part of its. This group is called as aspirational group. The group will have a direct influenced to the consumer who to be part of it by buying the same product as the group its belong. Within reference group, there are several roles that influencing the consumer buying decision:

1.      The initiator- the person who suggesting to buying a product or services

2.      The influencer- the person who from outside of group that point of view or advice to influence consumer buying behaviour. (athlete, actor and singer)

3.      The decision maker-the person who will chose and buy the product for other.

4.      The buyer- the person who will buy the product.

While the membership group is a group that the person is joining, and could influencing him toward purchasing decision of some product. The membership group often related to the social origin, place of resident, work or hobbies. The membership group have potential to influencing and forming the person attitude and behavioural.

Family also have a greater influence on an individual buying decision and behavioural. The family maybe be most influencing factor for an individual. A family creates first perception about brand or product and consumer habits (Kotler& Armstrong 2010, p169; Khan 2006, p.68). It forms an environment and socialization in which an individual will evolve, shape his personality and acquire value. It’s also develop an attitudes and opinion of someone toward various subject such as in politic, society and social relationship or himself desires. Buyer behaviour often influence by family member such as wife or husband in buying some product. For example, if the husband wants the wife to using middle quality of smartphone, so it will influence the desire of wife to only choose the smartphone in the middle range only.

The role of someone in society will influence how it life and attitude when buying a product in market. Everyone will play different roles in society. Each role consist an activities and attitudes expected from individual to perform based on people around him (Kotler& Armstrong 2010, p. 170). A social role is a set of activities and attitudes that individual should perform and have according to his work and profession in work. The social status is the position of individual in his family, work, country and among its friend. For example, the CEO of car company buying are luxury car because his affordable and as an external sign of his success in life.

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