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The three key components of thepublic health infrastructure are: a capable and qualified workforce, up-to-datedata and information systems, and public health agencies capable of assessingand responding to public health needs (2018). Havinga capable and qualified workforce is essential to being able to meet the healthneeds of our communities. To ensure quality care is provided, individuals inthe workforce need to have adequate education and training. Education andtraining provides the knowledge needed to assess patients in the public andprovide patient-centered care to those individuals.

If those working in a publichealth setting, do not have the education or competency then the workforce isuseless. Examples of the public health workforce include nurses, physicians, andsocial workers. Up-to-date data and information systems allows for consistencyin the care provided and serves as a communication tool between providers.

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Havingup-to-date data and information helps providers diagnose and treat patientsmore effectively. In the event of an illness outbreak such as Influenza, up-to-dateinformation about Influenza and necessary precautions to take to avoid gettingill need to be available to the community. Also, up-to-date immunization data couldbe used to determine if the vaccination was effective or not within thecommunity. This component of the public health infrastructure is crucial becauseit aides in illness prevention within our communities.

It is essential that publichealth agencies are capable of assessing and responding to public health needs.Public health agencies are expected to identify health concerns and develop policiesand programs in which the community will benefit from (2018). If public healthagencies are not capable of assessing the needs of the community, this could causehealth hazards to go unnoticed and overall less health promotion.  



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