“The August 19, 1977. Rosa and her husband

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“The only tired I was, Was tired of giving in” a quote Rosa Parks had said when she had been found guilty for no moving for a white woman to sit  there. In December 1, 1955. The After Story of Rosa Parks Rosa Parks passed away on October 24th 2005.

She was 92. Even though Rosa Parks has passed away, her fight to end unfair treatment to different colored skin will still be remembered. Rosa’s husband died on August 19, 1977. Rosa and her husband Raymond didn’t have children but they did live together and both fought for the same thing- to find a way to end unfair treatment to people who had different colored skin.       Rosa ParksMany people know her for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, For fighting to end unfair treatment. Let’s get the back story, about Rosa Parks.Rosa and her childhoodRosa Louise McCauley Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama.

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Rosa’s Father was a carpenter, and her mom was a teacher. Rosa was often sick with a sore throat. She was small for her age. Rosa and her mom moved to Pine Level Alabama to live with her grandparents. When Rosa moved there she saw people do mean things to African Americans. One day while living with her grandparents, a group of people called KuKluxKlan ( a group of people known for killing African Americans) marched by their house. As they marched by, Rosa’s grandfather stood outside the house.

Rosa and the Bus Act Many people didn’t have cars, so the bus was the only way they could get around. Rosa Parks was one of those people.On December 1st 1955, The bus driver asked Rosa and three other black people to move to the back so one white person could sit in the seat. The others went to the back without complaining.

Rosa refused to move, Soon the bus driver called the police and Rosa got arrested. She was fined $14 dollars ( which back then was a lot of money ) The Story behind the Boycott The bus boycott lasted 381 days ( over a year!) Many buses had few people riding on them. African Americans walked, rode bikes and would sometimes would drive others to where they needed to go. When many buses sat empty the supreme court finally said it was illegal to treat African  Americans this way.

One day the bus was full and Rosa couldn’t get through the backdoor of the bus. So, she went through the white door( a door in the front the bus for only white people)  and when the bus driver told her to get off she grabbed her purse and sat in the front seat, a white seat. Rosa and Other WomenRosa Parks was not the only women to stand up to unfair treatment. Another woman to stand up to unfair treatment was 15 year-old Caludette Colvin. On March 2,1955, when Caludette Covin was riding home from high school, the bus driver demanded she gives up her seat for one white woman.

After Colvin refused, police officers came and dragged her off the bus. Caludette Colvin would become one of 4 black females who stood up to unfair treatmentFun Facts about Rosa Parks Rosa Parks had a brother named Sylvester McCauley.Her parents were Leona McCauley and James McCauley.Highlander Folk School, Montgomery Industrial School for Girls, Alabama State Teachers College for Negroes- Is where Rosa Parks went to school.Rosa Parks worked with many people in her lifetime. She fought to end segregation and but then she noticed that even after segregation was not a big problem anymore, she saw that women didn’t have the same rights as men.


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