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The author completely agrees with the article the author is replying to. It is therefore evident that people are more often changing jobs. They are changing jobs because any employer doesn’t assure any employee a lifelong employment, gone are those days where job security was in the hands of an employer. In this globalised market of competition people build their own marketability. An example can be seen where an employee has worked for more companies their reputation will eventually grow within the industry as the employee has been attached with several organisations. (Ryan, Liz, 2016). From the employers perspective in order to be competitive in the market they need to make sure that they are hiring people with adequate talent. In order to help employers find adequate talent recruitment firms are playing a key role by conducting interviews with the candidates, negotiating salaries, as these are the firms with such a massive expertise when it comes to assessing the skills as well as requirements the employers are after. (Half, Robert, 2015)
Kai Tai Wong has mentioned about the talent shortage results. The shortage of talents is not only in Australia but the shortage of talent is growing around the world. A global job site, indeed reported that the Australia’s skill shortages are therefore among the lowest in the world which means that 70% of the jobs are being filled within a timeframe of a month. (Onselen, Leith Van, 2018). An example can be seen where in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries at the moment are going through a skill shortage with more than 35,000 present unfilled vacancies. (Woolway, Madeline, 2017). Therefore such industries are no secret to having high turnovers and low employee satisfaction.
The competition for talent will be fierce. In order to attract as well as retain talent organisations need to give the employees learning and development opportunities, training to transform their careers. Organisations need to express their competitive advantage as to why they are an employer of choice which means creating a workforce which is a great place to work, by becoming an employer of choice the employees will approach the organisation asking about employment opportunities and productivity will become significantly higher. Employer of choice plays a very important role not only in attracting but also in retaining because the working environment will be stable, as their needs, wants will be met. (Herman, R., & Gioia, J, 2000, p.2)
Therefore, the author agrees by concluding that war for talent exists and in the future it is only going to get more competitive as well as challenging for organisations to compete. An example can be seen where organisations look for candidates with international experience, by hiring people from overseas as they look for emerging markets for revenue purposes. It is no secret that when it comes for an organisation to be competitive nowadays they need to make sure that they have talented as well as high skilled employees if the organisation wants to be competitive and have an advantage over other competitors by offering them as talented people are therefore the most important as well as a valuable asset for any organisation.

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