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Last updated: April 25, 2019

The Awakening final After reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Susan Rosowski had input on Edna’s suicide in the end of the novel.

She had previously said, “Edna’s suicide represents her final attempt to escape-to escape her children, her lovers, and most important, time and change. For only by complete isolation of self can Edna be truthful to her inner life. ” This, in simpler terms, is stating that after Edna had experienced her “awakening” she still felt lost and could not get away from those that she needed or a wanted a break from.The only way she could be her true self and escape those people who she did not care for, was if she had killed herself. This quote is entirely valid because one realizes that Edna was not content with the people or the way she had been living her life. She tried very hard to leave it all behind and start a new life, but it was impossible in that time period and therefore felt it was necessary to commit suicide.

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The use of literary elements, such as theme and conflict, helps to further demonstrate the idea of Edna attempting to seek independence and find her inner self throughout this novel.The theme, which is the main idea which the author weaves throughout a work and wants the reader to remember, is to first find yourself before involved with others. In almost all stories the theme is very important and teaches the reader a lesson. In this novel, The Awakening, the theme plays a crucial part to the overall story. Because Edna struggles so much and eventually leaves her family to take some time for herself, it reinforces the concept of the necessity of realizing the importance of knowing who you are and your values.It makes Ednas suicide in the end of the story much more important and effective. Without this particular theme, the main point of the story, which is to develop feminism and bring it to the readers attention.

The second literary element of conflict, or the opposing sides working against eachother, also greatly influences this novel. Kate Chopin made it quite clear through specific word choice and detailed descriptions of Edna’s inner feelings, that she was struggling with herself and needed this break.Because most women in this time period were not entitled to values nor opinions and basically got pushed around by there husbands, she further reinforced the significance of discovering your true identity before getting involved in situations that may involve your personality and values. Therefore, because in the end Edna chooses to die over live lonely, it really reinforced how hard these feelings that Edna faced were really effecting her, thus proving how impossible it was for a woman in that day and age to live with dignity.

Susan Rosowskis statement regarding The Awakening by Kate Chopin was extremely correct and gave very accurate feedback on Edna’s death. Edna was put under alot of pressure after she had discovered who she was, she had no other decision but to kill herself. She felt as though, the only way she could be totally free was if she was dead. Clearly, Edna was a strong woman and tried to become a new and different person, but in the end it was not possible and the only thing she had left to do was kill herself.


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