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The things that we have thought to of believed in as true belief that is justified, eternal, and universal in nature, does not have everlasting truth over time. Over time knowledge is challenged, it modifies when new evidence emerges or when new systems of analysis are more valid than the last. The term of knowledge being “accepted” is unclear due to it being open to more than one interpretation, though the term may be interpreted to show ideas or claims that are supported and widely deemed as valid by experts.The standard to which a claim must be validated to be “accepted” raises the question of how beliefs are initiated and kept afloat in the kingdom of knowledge, concurrently questioning who and what groups are responsible for establishing certainty.In addition, the previous statement that knowledge can be completely discarded, and be no longer considered true, overlooks the idea of connecting unrelated pieces of knowledge into claims of truth such that new knowledge is formed, thus replacing previously known truths. We have developed ways in which we view and interpret the world around us.In particular scientists and historians have developed very efficient methods on how they each view and interpret events within their fields.

These two areas of knowledge took many years to form structure and shape, and they are still being reflected upon and adapting new changes.Through the use of scientific method and the revision of history many times, we have been able to modify our knowledge foundations and discard what is false. In spite of that is there cases in which where incomplete or unfinished knowledge is not discarded? The term “sometimes” in the given question is very keen to present many situations and answers.

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In science let’s take a scientific model, for example, to explain further a scientific model is not entirely correct however it is very effective in growing understanding, which makes it a useful place to start. Similarly in history, if an event is analyzed without the surrounding information around it, it is very evident how important the context of the situation is and how it changes our comprehension of what happened in the past. What is accepted as knowledge today and what we consider inaccurate can both be used to perceive what is true.Typically the way the system of confirming the answer to a predetermined conclusion starts off with people starting with a final answer, then finding specific situations and facts to back up their hypothesis. People have been attempting for many years to make sense of reality through this system. Throughout many scenarios in everyday life, it has been clearly shown that people are a little too eager to claim they know exactly what is going on.

Due to the consistency of this behavior, many types of cognitive biases and mistaken beliefs have specifically been identified to prevent them from expanding. This is the reason why the scientific method was formed, to view the world around us in a more unbiased perspective. This is not a natural way of viewing the world but humans are susceptible to human mistakes. That’s why the constant and repeated use of scientific method to prove claims, starts a progressive decline in the amount of human error that occurs.Instead of proving a belief, we get closer to understanding reality by revealing what is not true. This way of approaching knowledge allows us to discard baseless theories of the past and will also point out incomplete theories in the future as well. Earlier in the school year I read through the book You Are Now Less Dumb By David McRaney, and one of its main themes was the idea of self-delusion and irrational thinking, in one of the chapters he focused on common kinds of errors in reasoning and used the idea of supposed production of living organisms from nonliving matter as an example (52).

 In elementary school, I remembered learning about this idea about maggots and pieces of meat. Apparently, there are recipes in existence that claim using them would spontaneously generating various organisms. For example one of the recipes stated that “leaving sweaty underwear out and placing wheat on top of it, would create mice”.

The idea behind it was that in 3 weeks the sweat would infiltrate the husks of just change them into mice(Levine and Evers). That being said a man that goes by the name Francesco Redi, tackled a common belief that claimed maggots would arise from rotting meat. He challenged the knowledge of this belief through the use of his reasoning, he believed that there was a more fit and scientific explanation as to how maggots just “arise” from rotting meat. Francesco has hypothesized that “flies laid eggs on top of rotten meat and the maggots would emerge from those eggs” (Levine and Evers)To prove his hypothesis he constructed an experiment in which rotten meat would be placed in three flasks. The first of the flasks would be left out in the open with nothing covering it, the second flask’s top would be covered with a gauze, and the third flask would be sealed shut. As hypothesized by Francesco, the only meat that had maggots appear on it was in the first flask, the one that was left out in the open with nothing covering it. This experiment, a fairly simple one is an example that shows how Francesco used reason and sense perception to deduct that maggots do not just spontaneously appear from thin air due to rotten meat being laid out. However, there is the inaccurate knowledge that is sometimes not discarded due to how simple and beneficial it is to the overall understanding.

In grade 11, Ms. Drekic the physics teacher explained and expanded on the fact of how Newtonian mechanics(classical mechanics), is viewed in the world of physics as an incomplete but accurate model of reality. Objects which are microscopically small, that traveling at near the speed of light their properties begin to drift away from Newtonian physics. Although Newtonian mechanics is enough for the majority of physical applications. When it comes down to it when everything else is said and done, Newtonian mechanics are way less complicated compared to relativistic physics and quantum mechanics. That being said this is a model, and each and every single model is incomplete or inaccurate to some sort of degree. If a model would ever to be perfect in relation to reality it would not be specified as a model anymore it would be specified as reality.

A model is used to grow and develop theoretical understanding by creating a bypass to base additional studying on. Comparing this to when learning a language actually has many similarities. Whilst learning a new language you first start off with learning the alphabet and build a solid foundation of the language with basic vocabulary and grammar.

You don’t first start off with writing subordinate clauses and correcting misplaced modifiers. Even though you don’t refer to the alphabet in daily conversation, it is a crucial part of learning, understanding and speaking the language.

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