The behaviors were brought into the light, showing

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TheBoston Massacre, the event that lead to the American Revolution, was asignificant event in the United States history.

British soldier’s behaviorswere brought into the light, showing the mistreatment they were giving to thecolonist. They were taxing them and intruding in their homes for shelter andfood. Through this unfortunate event, it caused a lot of controversy and also anarticle was published by the Gazette on March 12, 1770.1            The Boston Gazette describes aPatriots memory of the Boston Massacre. The article started with a few soldierswho were being rebellious around the streets causing commotions and hurtingBoston citizens.

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Then:            “a few minutes after nine o’clockfour youths, named Edward Archbald, William     Merchant,Francis Archbald, and John Leech, jun., came down Cornhill together, … the         two former were passing the narrow alley… in which was a solider brandishing a broad swordof an uncommon size against the wall, out of which he struck fire plentifully”asthis continued, the solider stuck Archbald with his sword on his arm. Coming toArchbalds defense was his friend and attack him with a short stick. Because ofthese actions it caused other citizens to come together, outnumbering theBritish soldiers.  Before the colonistarrived, the article mentions that one of the soldiers, “ran to the barrack andbrought with him two soldiers,” and both were armed. This is the one of thefirst actions that took place where it seems it could have been a premeditatedmassacre of unarmed innocents.            This leads up to what seems to be a,”fight between a snowball-throwing crowd of Bostonians and British troopsthat escalated into an armed confrontation and left five Bostonians dead.

“2Now as small and less intense it may have been seemed by reading that, theprocess was crazy as it happened. This was a moment where the colonist wereuniting to defend one another. So as thirty to forty men began to approach andstand their ground, Captain Preston came with his party of men and armed. Theway the colonist attack was by throwing snowball and the Capitan began to pushand yelling “fire”, resulting in more snowballs to be thrown.

The captain’sfrustration began to grow and yelled to his men, “damn you, fire be the consequencewhat it will,” causing one soldier to shoot and as one started others continue.             Though it may have seemed a bitexaggerated on how everything occurred but it does not change the negativethoughts that are being seen towards the British troop because of theiractions. All of the active shooters, the eight men and their captain, gothrough a trial in Massachusetts and the man that defended them was John Adams.As Adams was able to get, “seven were not guilty, while two were convicted of manslaughter,”but that was not going to just slide right by. A man named Paul Revere, amember of the Boston Sons of Liberty, a silversmith and a engraver, stirred thepot creating an image showing how the British men firing into an unarmed crowd.The print was obviously inaccurate because it showed no sign of the snow andthe colonists throwing the snowballs at the troops.

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