The between topics, variables and concepts (Strauss

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Last updated: June 9, 2019

The researcher investigated qualitative methodological literature in regards to ensure to receive proper guidelines (Charmaz, 2006; Wester & Peters, 2000). After gathering data from the company the author used a computer program named Atlas.

Ti in order to perform the analysis. The coding procedure was made with the objective consideration of participants’ thoughts and was also carefully analyzed regarding expressed statements by interviewed participants.            The analysis was started with open coding (Strauss & Corbin, 1998). Each interview was analyzed separately in the program. First of all, the researcher identified logically correlated paragraphs of thoughts in interviews and then attached codes to them.

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Secondly, the researcher accomplished focus coding (Charmaz, 2006). Most significant codes were chosen and then categorized in order to create the concept-indicator model. Dimensions like the Maintenance of Culture, Transparent Communication and Structure Development were identified within the model.

It was done for the identification of relations between topics, variables and concepts (Strauss & Corbin, 1998). Thirdly, to improve internal validity of the current paper and to see to what degree findings show an adequate representation of studying the phenomenon, the researcher utilized the peer debriefing measure (Guba, 1981). Coding, the concept-indicator model and findings were shown and discussed with a colleague of the researcher who has expertize in psychology and social behavior science. 


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