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The purpose of this chapter is about a general design engineering model and a given overview of how it applies to the design of manufacturing system. It is also about a holistic approach to the design of complex systems and two basic categories of design approaches in manufacturing system design. The results are that theory of design does not match in practice. Tools are available to help the designer with each step of the design process, however there are less tools developed and accepted in industry.The two categories of design approaches: Design by philosophy and system engineering, are according to the author similar regarding the big impact on which important decisions are made in organization and that these approaches aim to guide engineers to understand and achieve high level of objectives of the company. The difference between the two is that, design philosophy guides to design by generating qualitative shared vision of the ideal manufacturing system while system engineering offers structured and scientific approach. This approach gives the opportunity to define system design alternatives by using quantitative data.The limitation in this chapter is not very clear, however the focus is manufacturing system design methods and does not mention much of other aspects such as environment.A Qualitative approach and a deductive reasoning has been used in this chapter. The author gives basic information about design model process and goes into detail about each step and discuss its application to design manufacturing system and compares to how it works or assists a typical designer. It is easy for the reader to follow and understand. Theoretically, the design model is the starting point and is based on several of design processes that has been proposed in engineering literature. The chapter is also a review of prior work in the design manufacturing systems and review of engineering design processes.Practically, methods have been observed of an automotive component supplier in the US when it came to preliminary design of manufacturing system designs. The process of making decisions regarding configuration was grouped into four categories:1. ”Replication and improvement of a similar existing system”2. ”Decision to ”go lean” ”3. ” Incomplete system specification”4. ”Examination of multiple configurations”

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