The Breakdown Structure (IWBS) is required to ensure

The EVMprinciples need to be followed throughout the project life cycle, with eachphase involving theplanning of the work for the next and execution phases, as well as execution ofthe EVM deliverables for the current phase.The referreditems and activities above will initially (at the beginning of each phase) bebased on the latest phase-gate approvals for budgets and time-frames, and on thebest information available. Itis also imperative that the team (main role players) understand that comprehensive project control data may only become available oncecontracts are placed or work is allocated to the performing parties.

The workshould be kept in summary or planning packages, rather than holding back theEVM process until the most accurate information is available, as this will bedetrimental to the Project Control’s EVM.ForProject Controls to be successful it is imperative that the following ProjectControl deliverables are part of the process from day one, and shall beconsidered as non-negotiable:·        Atthe start of a project, a provisional Integrated Work Breakdown Structure(IWBS) is required to ensure alignment of the scope, schedule, and cost, and toestablish the engineering, procurement, and construction risks.·        Aprovisional Master Schedule, that includes summarized durations for all thecontrol accounts.·        ProvisionalPerformance Measurement Baseline (time-phased S-curve of the budget for thework to be performed) is required for project controls to be effective.Theprovisional information (to produce the above project control “tools”) shall bebased on the cost (estimate) and schedule information that was approved at theproject’s phase-gate review. ForProject Control Purposes and to measure performance, three elements arerequired:·        Anagreed scope (in as much detail as possible).·        Anagreed budget.·        Atime frame with milestones (with monetary values).

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