The The St. George Cross, issued by the

The British propaganda campaign also used written sources that employed the emotionally patriotic hook to spur on ideas and actions in the people to fight for the cause. The British government did this by openly displaying key individuals who were “fighting for their country” or “sacrificing for the cause.” These articles were designed to tell dramatic tales of heroes who fought to save their country. The government’s goals in using this tactic were to gain the people’s attention by telling these tales of the heroes and saying that “this is how citizens should act in these perilous times.” Thus, the government was using the story to hook the readers and delivering a powerful message. A brilliant document that demonstrates this idea perfectly is the St. George Cross story. This newspaper story depicts Leonard Harrison performing an exceptional act of bravery by defusing unexploded live German bombs. The story makes sure to use key words and narrative tools to play up the valor and tension of Harrison’s deeds.23 They obviously depict Harrison as a great hero and credit to his country. The St. George Cross, issued by the government to exceptional civilians during wartime, was a perfect way for the British authorities to single out and physically label persons as being exceptional.

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