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The Chronicles of Narnia the Magician’s Nephew
The magician’s nephew is of the highest fantasy novels of all the fantasy novels. It was made by C.S Lewis and published by Bodley Head in 1955. It was one of the famous books he wrote and that book showed that he had a very high imagination.

To begin with, the themes that was in Narnia’s novel were related to their era because at the time Narnia was made there was nothing called technology and smart devices (that is now everywhere),he never mentioned technology or any kind of smart devices that made it more related to its era.

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Secondly, Narnia the magician’s nephew talks about that a boy and a girl called Digory and Polly went on an adventure as a wild experiment made by Uncle Andrew to test the rings he had made. They discovered a world that was full of ruins which they got Queen Jadis to their world that caused them a lot of trouble.
In addition, Queen Jadis made a lot of trouble in their main world. Aslan the lion joined and made another world where everything is possible, which is made in another series called the lion, the witch and wardrobe, which talks about Narnia and what happened after Digory and Polly defeated Queen Jadis or the witch.

To summarize, the chronicles of Narnia the magician’s nephew that has been made by C.S.LEWIS was talking about difficulties Polly and Digory faced because of Uncle Andrew’s experiment, but it was a fun adventure for them and for the reader of the story.

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Author : C.S.LEWIS
Title: The Chronicles of Narnia the Magician’s Nephew
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