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The Children and Young People(Scotland) Act 2014 states that anyone under the age of 18 years oldare defined as a child.Development is the continuous progressand change in a person as they become more independent and adapt tolife as they grow. There are five aspects of development which aresocial, physical, emotional, cognitive and language (SPECL). Asbabies get older they become more complex in their skills, thinking,communication and movement etc.SPECL is the aspects in whichpractitioners measure a child’s development:Social: The growth ofrelationships and socialisation with others and learning to behave ina social environment.

Physical: The physical growth ofa child in their weight, height and development of their fine andgross motor skillsEmotional: The awareness oftheir own emotions towards others and themselves and how they controlthose feelings.Cognitive: This is the way inwhich children organise their thinking and their ability to reasonand understand.Language: The ability anddevelopment of how children learn to communicate.Holistic development views a child orchildren as a whole person – physically, psychologically, socially,morally, culturally and religiously.

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This is the best way to look ata baby’s or a child’s development.SPECL development for the ages 5-6:Social Development: Build and keep friendships. Learn certain behaviour depending on their environment. Enjoy being around people and socialising a lot more.Physical Development: Confident in walking, running and climbing etc. Enjoys being active. Have the ability to write and draw using their fine motor skills.Emotional Development: Express their feelings clearly.

They understand what criticism is. They can be reasoned with.Language Development: Be able to talk full complete sentences and hold a conversations. Understand instructions. Sentences are more complex and put together.Cognitive Development: They development a creative imagination. Learn to read, write and count low numbers.

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