The Concept of Leadership in Islam

The Concept of Leadership in Islam Safdar Abbas University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Author Note Correspondence concerning this research report should be addressed to Safdar Abbas, Department of Political Science, University Of the Punjab, Quaid-E-Azam Campus, Lahore. E-mail: [email protected] com. Abstract Islam, as it was glorious in its early era with peace, welfare, development and co-operations as its distinct characteristics, seems us in its miserable form today.

Blood-shed, restlessness, terrorism, self-interest, meanfulness, materialism and such other evils are prevailing the light of real Islam.Whole system has been perished. The major root cause of this perished system seems the absence of the Real-Islamic-Leadership.

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The sample which had seen by the era was a role model in form of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P. B. U. H).

World have witnessed the social, political, cultural and religious development in that and soon after that era. Unfortunately the absence of sincere leadership has gradually declined the intensity of the above mentioned distinct characteristics of Islam.The base for this study is to define, explain, compare and evaluate and then finally try to find the Ideal-Real-Islamic Leadership to practice, help and lead the society for the purpose of accomplishing the duty of Man as the Deputy of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Hence discussing various styles and themes of Leadership, e. g. Islamic and western, help us finding more pragmatic leadership and managing the conflicts among Muslims on the issue of contemporary and leadership.

The Concept of Leadership in Islam Contents Acknowledgement IntroductionChapter 1A theoretical framework for the study of leadership in Islam Who is a leader and what leadership is Types of leaders and leadership styles What is Islamic Leadership? The concept of Islamic state Islamic and western leadership Conflict among Muslims on leadership Real concept of leadership in Islam Pragmatic comparison of Islamic and western leadership Chapter 2Islamic leadership: Debate inside the house Concept of caliph vs. concept of Imam Terminologies and words used for leaders in Quran Is there any possible solution for combined leadership?Chapter 3Leadership: Islamic vs. western theme of leadership Western theme of leadership Islamic leadership Which one is universal and more pragmatic? Which kind of leadership do the Muslims need in contemporary scenario? Chapter 4Concept of leadership in Islam and its pragmatism in contemporary world Emergence of leadership in Islamic society Which kind of leadership do the Muslims need today? Competencies and qualities of Islamic Leadership Islamic pragmatism in contemporary world Conclusion Glossary Bibliography



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