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The Consumer Protection Act 1986 was enacted in the Indian parliament to assist and safeguard the consumers right. It aims to give quick and easy rights to the unfairness of the consumers. In my opinion, the act was not a big problem for businesses to adhere to.
The protection of the consumer is very critical for businesses to succeed within a society. Society, capital, land, labor are resources in which business utilizes. As we know the main goal for the businesses is to make that the consumers are satisfied within the society.
There were various rights provided to consumers by the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to provide protection and guidance and environment that is healthy. The businesses make sure that the rights of the consumer are fulfilled for the consumers to be stimulated and the business goals to satisfy it consumer needs are accomplished. For example, if a business provides merchandise which is what the customer wanted, then you have a satisfied customer. In return, the customer will return to the L
The main thing is that a business cannot be successful unless consumers needs are met also. Businesses owners and managers are only the trustees of the prosperity of the society according to Mahatma Gandhiji. So, by adhering to the consumer protection laws, the businesses can provide the needed services for their consumers in an effective way and in return, the businesses will increase in profit.

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