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The Dark Mountain Manifesto is a movement started by two people in 2009, who shared their vision with many people around the world about the disillusion on the environmental issues. Modern life is inconsistent with the requirement of the Earth’s ecosystem, due to which climate change is not stoppable. Economic growth in today’s world is a necessity and population growth is part of a bigger problem because of which the future of our planet is not going to be green and pollution free. The Dark Mountain Project Manifesto begins with the observation that ‘Civilization is nothing new’, development and destruction are ravaging, they may soon be unstoppable, but the desire to survive might have a meaning to it. The main purpose of this project is not to save the planet or stop climate change but rather it is to make people aware of the harmful changes made to our earth which is all the while taken for granted and that we need to wake up soon to protect our future and that of our next generations. The authors wanted people to be more aware of the situation that has been created by growing advancement and share a platform for open views while encouraging others to join the discussion.
What does this project really mean?
The authors name their project Uncivilisation, which they believe is a concept indelibly associated with The Dark Mountain Project. Uncivilisation; described by some as a call to destroy civilization while the authors want to explain it as a process of restriction of reality; a disconnection from nature. From the manifesto, it is clear that both authors were skeptical about the much rosy picture painted about the future of our planet and wanted the world to know about the reality of the situation due to globalization, resulting in danger to the very existence of humans. The author’s purpose is not to criticize but to unlock the myths of progress, as to how the human evolution with technological advancement has taken us away from nature. He wants to deviate our attention to the ecological crisis we are in today.
The author does a great job highlighting the concerns regarding climate change, elaborating on the lack of understanding of the world by humans, explaining the facts and their views on the opinion along with having hope that everything might be fine one day, or that we even might have a plan B where we might shift to the moon.
About the authors and what made them interested in this manifesto-
The authors of this manifesto, Dougald Hine ; Paul Kingsnorth came together because they shared common desire to write differently about the growing environmental crises that surround us and what must have brought them together is that their thought and writing came from the heart. It was not about common journalism or criticism but the desire to express a free opinion and thought which is shaped into a manifesto and then into a moment for other’s to join and expression of a pure thought to come from people of all cast, color or religion.
The cofounders of this Manifesto, Douglad and Kingsnorth shared same views on climate change, they had a different kind of desire about the crisis surrounding the changes happening around us and therefore decided to meet. Along with the Dark Mountain project they have also initiated other projects like the ‘School of Everything’. To the authors, this manifesto is written out of their feelings as they wanted to honestly and effectively make people aware of the crisis surrounding this situation.
Is there a need to be concerned about our planet?
Author’s non belief in the campaign ‘ Save our Planet’ promoted to write the manifesto with the aim to convey that our planet will not die but human civilization might end if the current rate of abuse on this planet is continued for which humans and technology are directly responsible.
Although the Dark Mountain Project is a cultural movement, an attempt to gather collective thinkers, be it teachers, engineers, scientist, farmers, students, administrative officers or politicians; it is still open to anyone who shares a common vision, and are interested in offering their support. The author has targeted people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Dark Mountain Manifesto has brought together many like-minded people to share and connect with the author and I would say that this level of connection has developed into a movement.
Author’s connection with the people-
The author has built a great connection and credibility with the target audience through circulation of the manifesto, attracted support from thousands of people worldwide and through this manifesto a special bond with people developed into a movement that forged into an idea as a new way to look into the future. We all go through the motion of ‘ Saving our Planet ‘ but with all the other politics and policies, we at the same time stop believing in this motion.
It is time to face the reality-
The author beautifully explains how humans have evolved and started living in the world of plenty and prosperous existence, how we have evolved with the help of nature but at the same time, we are far away from facing the reality of our future. Nature has given us life, it is the very essence of our existence but what have we done in return? Humans have always worked towards ‘mastery over nature’. We have found ways and created a technique to use natural resources. As outlined in the manifesto, the past generation was more content and satisfied as compared to the generation of today where people are more stressed out, they work longer hours, fear crime, environmental collapse etc., they are not concerned for what is happening and what might happen rather are live a more constrained life by law or debt which also affects their mental health.
Defusing the Apocalypse:
During my reading on review of Dark Mountain manifesto in the New Statement by John Gray, I came across another aspect of the author’s writing that this manifesto is opposed to the portrayed idea of ‘apocalyptic’ whereas the meaning of this manifesto is misunderstood by the review on a New Statement where both authors strongly oppose to portray any kind of catastrophe and moreover, their beliefs in the destruction of our natural environment which is deliberate.
The identity of Dark Mountain Manifesto:
In today’s world where technological advancement and scientific discourse hold the power of policymaking, this manifesto greatly serves to empower its writer and participants on open thought and free speech. This manifesto offers a position which is about civilization, yet opposed to the very foundation of our own civilization, it offers a view which seems rational, yet opposed to the concept of rationality.
Overall it may be said…..
Dark Mountain is not about the prediction of our civilization collapse, but it surely is to make us believe that if the collapse happens, projects like Dark Mountain will find strength and belief which might help us better understand what might lead to such collapse. This Manifesto is not a study to hinder the fall but it surely lays the foundation of how we live through the fall.
I would also like to relish Dark Mountain project for its hostility and beauty. Hostility is because of violence towards nature due to human advancement and beauty in its reality of how the author has expressed their thoughts without any criticism. Beauty in the creation of Universe, and ugliness in how we aim to achieve perfection from technology at the cost of harm to nature. The purpose of this project was not only to create awareness among the people or because they wanted to say something but was to create a spark.
What this project means to me-
For me, Dark Mountain is not connected to our scope of understanding of knowledge and science but reaches higher cosmic reality. I do not have the knowledge and ability to understand the manifesto in depth but after reading the manifesto, I have no feeling of counter criticism. I rather understand this as an attempt to the aspiration for social change and bring about a new thought to balance the ill-effects of industrialism. The manifesto is not an activist project nor a campaign to ‘Stop Climate Change’ or saving our Planet but it is rather a platform where people from all professions/religion can come together and share their views as for how we want our future to shape without any pretense.

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