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The Democratic Republican National Convention (DRNC) event is going to be held in Miami, Florida and there is a dire need to manage necessary security to eliminate any chances of disturbances during the event. Some violent felonies might occur as there may be an attack on the event place by the oppositions along with the conflicts that may arise between the Republicans during the event. Before the event, there was the last meeting of subcommittee arranged in which the chairperson, majors, director, and other members have shared their experiences regarding the same sort of conventions in history. They briefed all the members about the sensitivity of the matters and the tasks they were required to take care of regarding maintaining security for Democratic-Republican National Convention (DRNC) event. These experiences have provided a detailed understanding of what exactly happens in these kinds of events and what kind of security risks are associated. As everyone in the security department was concerned about what needs to be done and what would exactly happen on the event day, as there would be a high-security maintenance needed. However, the Democratic-Republican National Convention (DRNC) meets the criteria of National Special Security Event (NSSE). In this instance, the secret service is required, which would serve as the leading coordinating agency which will be planning the security in the surroundings of the event. The lead agent in charge of the event is to plan and execute the arrangements.
The DRNC event planning would require the implementation of the intelligence finding that would have made it a success. Taking the position of Major Warren as the designated incident commander and the chief principal planner, I would have made the event have more restriction to the number of participants. The middle exclusionary zone could only have targeted participants of less than three hundred people. As such, the restriction of the people purchasing then the ticket would have been enacted through selling the ticket at a higher price than the one proposed. In addition, the timing of the event would be made so clear that the event will take less than half an hour which will cater for the cost that will have been incurred in the expressing the wrong actions amongst the participants (Gold, Pulford & Colman, 2015). Regarding allowing a small population, it could be easy to administer order amongst them.
In addition, the creation of the buffer zone between the Protestants and the amphitheater would primarily have an impact on the management of the population of the Protestants (Rosso, Dekas & Wrzesniewski, 2010). Making the venue not accessible to all the participants that could not have the opportunity to attend would have served as the effective means of reducing the influence from the angrily denied access participants.
However, the two intelligence errors made during the gathering of information about event include seeing things that are not there and being unable to see the things that are there. Such errors would be curbed through close investigation of the possible outlook of the event just as if it had already happened. For example, the two participants at Miami that came late to the event and later realized they wanted to fake harassment from the police could be managed before it could take place. As a routine to cover the circumstances of not being able to see the things that exist, the aid of the CCTV cameras will provide all the angles of view of all the participants. As such, the event would be managed in the manner that will bring the success. On the other side, ability to see the things that do not exist will be efficiently harnessed through proper vetting.
According to Osterburg & Ward (2010), stove piping refers to the presentation or availability of the raw intelligence information that is not detected to lack all the essential aspects to make the police. Many at times stove piping usually are considered as the unfiltered information that reaches the intelligence desk and is likely going to be used to make policy that will not work efficiently. The stove piping cannot be prevented with the amount of intelligence that will be available. Instead, stove piping can be blocked with proper filtering of the information that is obtained from the ground coupled with the intense vetting of the report. As such, the improper intelligence will be reduced.
Groups like OWS and the Tea party will require the intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence for the efficient operation (Williams, Myerson & Hale, 2008). Through understating how these organizations function, it is easy to understand how the groups operate and how they relate amongst themselves in a manner that will make the correlation of ideas and grievances of its members. In addition, the logic intelligence will ultimately help the groups in functioning well when it comes to solving complex puzzles in the place of work.

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