The There is nothing worse than being

The Experience With A
Mama’s Boy

Love has no boundaries, and when you love someone, they
become the center of your universe. Couples form a deep, and strong connection
every day. You can do absolutely anything for them but hold on, I have been in
love on and off but the one love story in particular which didn’t last for even
a month was with this mama’s boy. Of course, there were good times but the bad
moments surpassed them all.

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Mama’s boy is entirely the best when it comes to treating
women with respect, care, and dignity. A man who respects his mom is a man who
respects women in general. Mama’s boy will see you as an equal partner and
support you in building your career. Mama’s boy knows how to get along with
women by communicating and listening to a woman. Mama’s boy know how to express
their emotions they don’t avoid conversation about feelings, but instead, they
will articulate how they love you. It’s hard to find someone to manifest such
love. Mama’s boy makes the best dad, and he knows what it means to be a mum, so
he is more likely to help in raising the family.

The problem was he was babied a lot and functioning on his
own was a problem. It was like he could not tackle even the smallest issues
without the help of his mother. It’s not that his poor at decision making, it’s
because he becomes so dependent on his mother that is extremely annoying.

There is nothing worse than being compared to another
person. It’s sad enough having to live past the expectations of ex-girlfriends,
but when it came to his mom, everything was best. From the smallest of tasks to
the most complex, the mama’s boy will always sing the mother’s praises. That
bacon you make in the morning, her mother does it better. The way you fold his
clothes, mum does best. In no situation do you become number one in his life?

Another problem that I had with mama’s boy was that he
shared too much with his mom. A mama’s boy will give his mum details about your
relationship. Even those private and not so pretty ones. And every time you and
your man argue or get into a fight, she will always stick her nose where it
does not belong and will always know the sordid details.

Finally, the major problem I had with mama’s boy was the
constant competition for affection when his mom was around. The bond between a
mother and son is powerful. Mama’s boy love to be hugged and kissed by their
moms and this is entirely reasonable. But if you can’t even get a hug or touch
of the hand because his mom is around then it is not okay. You will forever
compete for your man’s attention and affection with your mother, and you will
always lose. Your love would always be a battle which should never be the case.

Being a mama’s boy is not a sign of weakness. Some of the
Mama’s boy, all they got is their mum, and you can try and understand how much
this means to them. A mama’s boy can only change if he acknowledges that the
relationship he has with his mum is toxic and if he’s willing to change but if
you consistently tell him, and he tells you to let it slide, it’s time to call
it quits.

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