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The video game crash of 1983 Picture this it’s nineteen eighty three the video game industry is booming great games are being produced and producers are just becoming more and more innovative by the minute then all of a sudden it all stops, bad games are flooding the market and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. That was what happened in north america in 1983 when third party developers combined with a flood of the console market started a crash that would eventually lead to stores not even accepting products marked as video games. In 1982 on average a successful video game company would earn 3.2 billion dollars a year but by that time that 1985 rolled around, the average yearly profit for a video game company was still only 100 million a whole two years after that worst parts of the crash it wasn’t until 1987 that revenue was finally up to 3.7 billion again a whole four years after the crash.   Contributors  Some of the contributors to the crash were the fact that america changed the size of their dollar to a size closer to that of a quarter which although was optimal for vending and arcade machines but was a general fail to the public meanwhile canada moved from a dollar bill to a dollar coin and had to import all new arcade machines to fit the new dollar format. A second contributor was that the console market was flooded with way too many consoles, people and retailers were confused on which ones to buy and sell. The fact that home computers were starting to do all the things that a gaming console could do and then some also didn’t help because no one saw the point in buying a console when a computer was everything that a console could do and better. There were also third party developers that started their own company and we’re shoving out nearly unfinished and absolute shovelware onto the market. That convinced people not to buy video games and kickstarted the crash.   Short term effects The crash was absolutely devastating for the industry. In america most stores even refused to sell video games the crash is also one of the main reasons that when we think about that era in gaming they think of arcades, nobody even considered home gaming because it was simply not as good as arcade gaming. Another effect was the atari game burial, when the game developer atari buried nearly seven hundred thousand cartridges of E.T  for the atari 600 and the pacman port for the atari six hundred. The cartridges were buried in september 1983 on september 26. The cartridges were excavated on april 26 2014 a whole 30 years and seven months after the burial, in alamogordo new mexico people discarded the burial completely and slowly started to forget about it until it was just an urban legend so when they found out that the legend was true they were quite surprised.     Long term effects Almost 40 years since the crash and some remnants are still visible today such as how the game company nintendo has been and continues to dominate the gaming market. Before the crash nintendo was looking for a way to market their consoles to a more western audience and they used the cras to do it. When stores were not accepting video games nintendo marketed their famous gaming system the NES or nintendo entertainment system as a T.V entertainment set and sold it along with ROB or robot operating buddy who would serve as a second player if needed. Another effect of the crash was the multitude of third party developers, game dev’s that have their own company and make games for other companies. One of the final more prominent changes is that now many companies have a seal of quality of approval stating that all the games on their system are good and have been programmed with player satisfaction in mind.         Summary The video game crash of 1983 was a game changer in many ways. It caused a continent wide uproar and it changed the industry for the better now looking back the crash was a good thing because it brought us many great things such as the success of nintendo an industry of quality games and even the great success of arcades this has been the video game crash of 1983.   The end  

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