“The Effects of the Feminist Movement on Relationships”

“The Effects of the Feminist Movement on Relationships” The feminist movement, an uprising of women who support feminism, has affected men and women’s views of dating by taking the chivalry, courteous behavior of a man towards a woman, out of relationships. Chivalry is dead, and women have killed it against their own natural order of courting then later moving on to marriage. The natural order of relationships is shared between a man, and a woman with the man at the lead.During current times women want to be treated as equals to men in every aspect of the word. Women want to pay for their own meals, buy themselves flowers, and bring home the highest paycheck.

Now that women have have taken the mans role of pulling the majority of the weight, what will men do in the backseat of their relationships? What happened to chivalry? Is it really dead? Chivalry has been murdered due to the effects of the Feminist Movement. These women, feminists, are the very same women who waited around for prince charming as children.That brand of chivalry that they once so very much longed for has been eliminated by themselves alone. Women, being Just as active in the Job market as en have ever been, are bringing home higher paychecks than their boyfriends, or spouses. With this newly found power, Women are wearing the pants in and out of their relationships. The person with the money has the spending power. Since women are making more they are paying for more. This, once again, overrides the natural order of a man being the provider, the gift giver, and the support system.

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As a woman, this is all well and good, but what happens to the men that are being called upon less and less? The negates everything that has ever been part of a relationship. The man is instilled with a certain longing for being the provider. Men are programmed to be providers, and security for women. One does being to wonder what happens to men when women take that right away from them? The more women make the more they pay for. This belittles a mans sense of the head provider.

When a woman buys herself a gift that she mentioned to a man that she wanted the man has no chance to even provide it for her. That takes the rug out from under the man so to speak. After a woman has been asked out to dinner by a man then the check comes and a woman ays for her own meal this also takes the man one notch lower than he was before. Women are training men to allow women to walk all over them, and they do not even know it. With these new roles and blurred lines future generations are changing.

Feminist women are allowing this movement to morph into a new set of moral rules. Little do women know that one day their grandchildren will have no idea the street closet to traffic, or even that the man is supposed to ask the woman’s father before asking for her hand. These grey areas between the chivalry of a man, and the drive of a working woman have forgotten how things used to be. Times where every woman was a miss, ma’am, or madame are fast fleeting all due to women. These character traits that women once longed for in a men have been disposed of by women themselves.When these women are railed in city squares picketing for more and more of a mans role they do not realize how much they are chaining the future. They are ridding themselves of the little moments that make relationships so special.

This power that they so hungrily crave cannot actually replace the butterflies of a first date, or the glow of a smile when a man pulls out the chair. Is the power worth never receiving flowers? Will Valentines Day, or Anniversaries be next to override?Is trading all those little delights that come along with well brought up gentleman worth a higher paycheck or equal opportunity? There is a place for women, and there is a place for men. God designed it this way, and it was good. When the lines of chivalry are blurred by the Feminist Movement the future is in great danger. The traditional upbringing that many parents sent their own children away to learn now stands for nothing.

A future without morals is not a future at all. As a society it should not be allowed to being with feminists abolishing chivalry.

Author: Wilbert Peters


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