The field of Communication influences many aspects of

The field of Communication influences many aspects of modern life technology. I wish to be a part of a community where i can be more empowered through strengthening my knowledge by studying communication .and I believe that Northwestern university will be the right place for me to extend my goals .I don’t want to be there just for the sake of passing but to express myself and ambitions through education . Being a part of Being a part of a group of students going to an educational trip to a university had been truely beneficial.Through my visit I had known most of the classes , film making rooms , thank indeed made me “open my eyes” to another world of luck technology and not onlyy but also influenced me to eneter .

Besides , attending the information session that was held had exceeded my wills and talking to professors asking them about the subjects and everything concerning was quiet gelpful , emphasizing that being a part of Northwesterns students and graduation from tge major communivation . entering  Studying something I like and belive that will change my point of view in many points and benefiting from it in a positive way will be truely not only challenging but As I’m completing my studies,my skills have become more suited to this area. My confidence has grown and any opportunity given to write creatively or present in front of a large group of people has been relished.I   am   certain   that  Northwestern University   will   be   the   place   I   will   advance   and   achieve   my   goals   towards learning.   For   these   reasons,   I   know   I   will   excel   at  Northwestern University   as   I   have   come   to   know   that   my goals   are   to   stand   out   as   a   Qatari   citizen   having   merited   the   respect   of   others,   through   my   dedication towards   not   only   my   education,   but   my   country.

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