The and its financial implications. My passion

The importance of the
financial institution in an economy cannot be downplayed as shown in the
financial crisis which occurred in 2008P1 OO2 OO3 . One of the many but unique roles of the finance
profession is the managing of assets and analyzing risk to ensure the future
success of the economy and even an organization or company. The occurrence of
year 2008 financial turmoil and how it affected the global economy aroused my
passion in finance and stimulated my interest to study Actuarial science for my
undergraduate degree. Actuarial science is built on the evaluation of
financial, economic and other implication of future contingent events. An actuary
is a professional trained to assess the possible occurrence of risk and its
financial implications. My passion for numbers together with my educational
background as an actuary has provided me with a solid background in the field
of finance. As a customer relationship officer in a
commercial bank, my job role further exposes me to the different fields of
finance and its application. It provides me withP4  the opportunity to understand the basic tenets of business management
and corporate finance.

Earning a masters degree in
finance would ideally complement my undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science and professional experience as a banker. It will prepare me adequately towards achieving my
career goals as I learn much more about current developments and techniques in
finance and acquire hands-on experience of financial analysis. A master’s
degree from Hult Business School will provide me with an opportunity to learn
from a
topnotch finance Institute and renowned professors who also possess strong
industry presence. I look to gain in-depth knowledge of practical approaches in
aiding managerial decisions -making and develop expertise in financial analysis
and global corporate financial operations. Hult Business School is perceived to
be truly global P5 in its outlook and I am
eager to challenge myself in an environment that provides such an international

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My goal is to build on my
existing skills as I obtain masters in Finance and to write the Chartered
Financial Analyst Certification examination by seizing the opportunity that
will be provided by the school. And also, to gain
a unique exposure to US’s finance industry and leading financial institutions globally.
This would provide me with an opportunity to engage with the foremost
innovators in the industry and adequately equip me to positively influence the
economy of under developed and developing countries

 P1Reframe sentence like as the financial crisis of 2008 has shown, the
importance of a financial institution cannot be downplayed.

Check out the new sentence,  OO2I restructured it


 P4Provides me, or provides the


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