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English 015 November 1, 2013 Admiration I believe Jay Gatsby a character in this story, The Great Gatsby, is an admirable man. Nick tells Gatsby, miou’re worth the whole damn bunch put together” claiming that he’s worth more than all these ultra-rich people, including Daisy and Tom. Throughout the whole story, Gatsby, was the only one who stayed true to nick. Gatsby still pursued his dreams of repeating the past to have Daisy fall in love with him all ver again; repeating the past is what Gatsby intends to do and believes it himself that its possible.Gatsby is very admirable because throughout the novel, he still has hope even though he knows that Daisy will not leave Tom for him, he still holds on to the only hope he has of his dreams that will never become reality. Especially when Gatsby took the blame for Myrtle’s death when it was really daisys, doesn’t Just the love that he has for her but something that nobody would do which is really dmirable. Taking the cover for someone else’s fault takes a lot of bravery.

Taking the fault for a murder that wasn’t your own, merely nobody would want to even think about making that decision. That is why I admire Gatsby because of the man that he is. He is truthful and stayed true until his time came. He always had hope and kept his hope, yet he still never gave up knowing his dream could not come true. Gatsby is admirable and he is known to be worth more than all the stuck up rich people.

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