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Last updated: May 15, 2019

The exact definition of success, I believe differs from person to person.

My definition of success is when I make all the people I know happy and mark check on all the things I have in my bucket list. Most of us think success is when a person is doing dream job or has all the money in the world to do anything. This is simply not true. There are many people in this world who have both money and successful career, and if one asks them if they are happy with their life, many of them would answer “No, it’s not my wealth or career that can make me happy”.

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Many of us also define a person’s success as when a person is satisfied with his life and does not care what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Well, we humans are made such a way that we are never satisfied. There is a famous saying in my culture “If a man has a valley full of gold, he would never be satisfied until he gets a second one”. So, we can’t guarantee if satisfaction plays a role in a person’s success.

This is why I believe there is no true everlasting success, but I think we can achieve personal success. Personal success is what I define as when a person is living exactly the life he always dreamed of and has achieved all his goals. Every person sets its own requirements for personal success, let me explain with what requirements I have set for myself.

I am waiting for the following three things to happen in my life, when that happens I will know that I have achieved my personal success. The day when I fly the F-22 Raptor as a high ranking Air Force pilot, the day when I search for a satellite using the telescope, which is floating in the earth’s orbit and I designed it. The day when I see the world without any human casualties, when all the people around me are happy, no evil left in the world and I have played an important role to make this happen. Everyday when I see the news and feel guilty that I am just sitting on the couch and doing nothing when a lot of bad stuff is going out the in the world. So, seeing the world change positively and playing a part in it is one thing I want to do. If all these three things happened in my life I will know that I have achieved my personal success. This may not define that I am successful in a general way but it does define that I am successful in the way I want to be. Ofcourse, I would say I am successful if those three things happen in my life but this might not be the case for others.

If you ask my friend If I am successful, he most probably would say “no” because his way of defining success is very different from mine. He thinks being the richest man in the world is what makes a man successful. So, I may think I am successful but according to my friend I still have a long way to go.

It is also a very generalized and stereotypical way people define success, which is when a person is rich and famous. Since childhood, most of our minds have been shaped in a way that everyone has one common goal to success, work hard so we can grow up and make a lot of money. This is a very big misunderstanding, of course wealth plays an important role for having a good life but can anyone guarantee that I will be happy forever with all that money or will this make me successful in life forever? According to what I have researched about success, I think success is within the mind of a person, it is more like a imaginary thing than reality. It is not forever, it only lasts until you decide to change your goals and dreams and most of us do it at some point in our life. But I did find a solution to this ‘temporary success’, since its all about imagination rather than reality I can think of success this way; After I achieve personal success, I won’t change my requirements of success, all the new goals which I will set for myselves, I will take it as a bonus over success. At Least this way I could think that I am successful forever.


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