The themselves. As, far as physical health

The health of these three states consists of three sides; social health, physical health, and mental health. It’s very important to have the sides of your health equally. Without it having any balance it would affect your other sides; mentally, physically, and social health. In most schools this mostly affect a lot of children in any school or grade. Health and Religion helps us with a lot of things, dealing with hard stuff and things to do in life and life changing decisions. In a health class we would be taught emotionally, physically and mentally, sometimes tested in those types of strengths basic ones are social things that happened around us.

First thing in the health sides, Social health side. Social skills are determined and required on everyday life and how well you get along with people, how many and how long you’ve had your friends. A lot of introverts and some extroverts lack on this side, although some people have three very good friends that have been put out as a regular basis for years now, some of the people have trouble getting along with people. In learning health we could benefit in canada to make introverts come out of their shell to develop more social life instead of being cooped up in themselves.

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As, far as physical health goes getting enough exercise and nutrients are required everyday and effects on the states of the sides. In health we should learn about how this should help others and our community in Canada and in public and private schools. Most kids in high schools have eating disorders, weight gain, and ulcers. We as a community should strive on working on our health ethics to help others not experience these types of traumas and pain of having them. Physical should focus on our healths on students or whoever is dealing this type of pain in our country.

In, Mental health deals in ways on how you look at yourself and how you cope in everyday life, and or stress. Mental health focuses on points and reasons leading stress and depression throughout a person’s life even without other people knowing they have it. We learn this to help cope and understand people in what they’re going through. Having this balanced helped us maintain us living in society and under rules and regulations. We as people have to help in Canadian community, education, and/or public.

In, conclusion the reasons why this is important. Having counseling on these types of issues are serious and needs more attention in Canada, nowadays. Dealing issues of suicide, bullying, belittling in depression, and stress needs help on maintaining these in school establishments. So like if people were getting physically abused, rumours spread and effects
Their social health and mentality having to stress and think to much about it. One little thing could cause to effect their sides mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.
This is why others should think that Health in different ways would help develop and achieve our country’s goals in having a healthy environment.

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