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The Internet has conquered the significant part of each and everyone’s day-to-day life. The massive industries, the huge infrastructure, the numerous machines and a team of workers, secured communication, are apparently beyond imagination. Yet tons of such industries have been successfully managed and provide a protected connection over time. How has this been possible? The pursuit of which got me interested in taking up the Masters in Security in your university.Kick-starting my career with a 92.6% in my 10th grade, and 91.4% marks in my high school, I wanted to pursue Information Technology and know about the basics and the working of all the systems and networks which made up our day to day life. The marks I secured in my high school, led me to get an admission for Information Technology in Valliammai Engineering College which is an affiliated college of Anna University. Even though my high school grades have been impressive, I am a pragmatic person who loves practical implementation more than theoretical presentation. That is the main reason why I have undergone a lot of practical training in various courses offered by various institutions. I hope that I prowess to sustain and endure all the workloads and look after myself on own.During my Inplant training, workshops, and internships, I got the chance of knowing how the basic communication takes place through a network. I was astonished by the huge size of the industry and its working, during my visit to BSNL Office. The HCL Company was able to deliver a lucid training on how the networking takes place. Additionally, various online courses helped me to become even robust on programming languages such C, C++, Java, and Pearl. NIIT trained me on programming languages and helped me to score high marks on the tests. The encouragement of the staff and professors helped me to become ardent in these concepts through which I got the chance to learn more and more about my core field of study. I presented seminars on various topics and took part in conferences held at my institution. After quite a lot of exposure, I was able to gain more knowledge and buoyancy in my domain.My project, titled “Secure transmission against Pilot Spoofing and Phishing Attacks”. In mini-project, I was able to provide protection against spoofing attacks with the help of SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) and MD-5 (Message Digest) Algorithm. My main project, aimed at providing protection against Phishing attacks by identifying the phished URLs with the help of link guards and NA (Neighbor Authorization) Algorithm. For achieving this, I have made use of NetBeans Editor and SQLyog.Although my career was always focused on Engineering, I managed to pursue my interests on my traditional dance Barathanatiyam as well as on western dances. I had taken part in my college cultural and also in various intra and inter-cultural fests. My interest in Badminton has never been abated and won quite a few prizes during my schooling. I, look forward to doing my Masters of Science in Cyber Security or related courses from your esteemed institution. I have set a goal for myself to explore security for specialization, advanced learning, and future career, through graduate studies. With the high demand and high level of opportunities in the European countries, I started seeking about the colleges in various countries. I have researched a lot about the opportunities in the University through online. I desire to pursue my graduate program at your institution as it provides me with a plethora of academic activities; with the presence of extensive and variegated research and lab facilities, I would be benefited. I am very positive about the knowledge in the field of engineering growing multi-fold with the help of your learning programs. I would be proud to be a part of your organization and hone my skills with the help of your distinguished faculty members and hope to bring out the best in me and help me work towards achieving my dreams. Ten years from now, I would want myself to be in a position of running an own IT company. I am sincerely looking forward to being a part of your institution and strive for the best. I hope you give my application a sincere consideration. 

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