The importance of respecting rules and following rules.If

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The practice of sports from an early age helps in many aspects and not only at a physical level: carrying out a group activity makes the boys have a more active social life, improves the mental level and promotes a healthier life. And this is key because the habits that are incorporated when a person is small, usually remain.On the other hand, that the child is integrated into a group is very beneficial. In this sense, belonging to a team helps them prepare for life and learn to experience defeats and triumphs.

This is important for the formation of your personality.Health issueThe sport has multiple health benefits. In matters of the mind, it helps to have a political opening and overcoming shyness, making the child integrate into society in a fun and healthy way. It also allows them to understand the importance of respecting rules and following rules.If we think about the body, articulating coordinated movements improves its motor performance, favors the development of muscles and bones, and increases the taste for the completion of the physical exercise, something important for the rest of your life. Also, it contributes to cardiorespiratory functioning and oxygenation of the blood.When do we start?Children can start the physical activity from babies. There are many activities, such as swimming, that is designed for dads to do with them.

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Then, during the school year, teachers teach Physical Activity within the subject curriculum. From the age of 7, the children can start to carry out sports activities as a team, because they have the possibility of solving motor situations.What must be considered? Have fun and enjoy the activity without demands. It is essential that you do sports with other children of your age and that competition is not the most important thing. The idea is that they learn the importance of game cheerfully and playfully, without pressure.The fuelAlong with the activity, the child needs to eat healthily and thus obtain the necessary energy. We have talked a lot about fresh eating; here we review the keys:-Hydratase: drink water throughout the day and while the activity is done.

-Summer fruits and vegetables: they will give you the energy you need.-Variety: the dishes must be varied. In addition to plants of all colors, add legumes, meats (cow, chicken and pork), rice, dairy, and eggs.-Bajar the consumption of sugars: these foods are last in the nutritional oval, so they should be what you eat less.Sport helps at a physical, mental and social level.

Therefore, let the little ones incorporate this healthy habit and accompany them. You can do activities in family, in the open air, this way they connect with your body, the environment, and nature. There’s nothing better than learning by playing!The benefits of the practice of collective sportsThe collective sports practice provides physical benefits and offers advantages for adolescents in their process of personal maturation. Therefore it is a priority to dedicate a daily time or a few hours a week to the realization of a sport.

Among the benefits it brings, we havea. Benefits for character formationThe constant practice of any sport helps teens learn the importance of discipline, perseverance, and effort. It also promotes healthy competitiveness, boys and girls learn to enjoy victories and to become active with defeats.They learn the importance of having others, what develops their sociability; they understand the importance of respecting authority; the need to follow the rules and the attitude of regarding rivals.b. Physical benefitsIt is proven that regular physical exercise helps to prevent essential diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis or heart disorders.

c. Prevention in the consumption of harmful substancesThe daily sports practice also acts as prevention in the use of materials detrimental to health such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs.There are significant data in the relationship of sports practice of adolescents with the lowest consumption of these substances. It is known, for example, that there are smaller consumption figures in boys and girls who regularly practice sports. It is also known that there is less consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs the younger they start practicing a sport.Sport, vital for young peopleThey say that game is life and health. That is why sports activities in adolescence are of utmost importance for the physical, mental, emotional and social development of the child.A well-organized sports program and advice with a trainer will allow you to perform correct bodywork, in which you exercise resistance, muscular strength and flexibility.

Also, a young man who practices a sport will have fewer health problems in his future adult. That is why from childhood you must have adequate physical education, encouraged from school and supported at home. This brings significant benefits for the development of the body and the personality of the young person, it helps the emotional stability, the proper personal relationships and repercussions in all the psychic and emotional planes, contributing to a greater feeling of well-being and optimism.When engaged in sports, teenagers learn to be more disciplined and consistent. Likewise, they are more competitive, enjoy victories and accept defeats.

Regarding their social relationships, adolescents learn to work in a team and respect the other and the rules.So a tip for you that is in adolescence make it a priority to dedicate a few hours a week to the sport.The sport and its advantagesBefore talking about which game to choose, motivating the practice is fundamental since it is influenced by various factors such as personal and situational factors. In this aspect, the behavior of the parents and the coach is paramount, since they are the ones who most influence at that moment. However, it is the young person who must choose the sport that he likes the most, but it is the parents who should guide them if there is confusion. In this election, you should look at preferences, character and physical fitness. William David Jiménez, Professor of Physical Education and Sociologist, offers suggestions that bring a sports activity: -Sports equipment. It is ideal for those who have few friends or difficulties to relate because it is the team sports that help him solve that conflict.

-Find a discipline that is to your liking, will lead you to be constant in your routine. -It is advisable that if a sport is a habit, follow a doctor. -Whether it is the chosen sport, it is essential to take care of the feeding of adolescents when they increase their physical activity.Why is it essential since adolescence to implement sports practices? I would say that the importance is not only in adolescence but from childhood. In our times we see children who suffer from obesity problems and who later could trigger other issues such as depression, low self-esteem, heart problems and osteoporosis. When a teenager practices a sport, first of all, it is preventing these issues; it is strengthening his muscles, bones, and mind. It is also creating a habit, a discipline and has a relationship with other adolescents and is not locked in front of a computer, more at this stage where it should develop healthily.

Benefits of doing sports in adolescence? It helps to form a healthy body and is the best means for adequate socialization. Understanding as socialization in the process that the child learns the norms and values of a society to live in it. The sport is fundamental because this method allows him to improve his quality of life and thus the healthy and peaceful coexistence, that is achieved with elements of education and construction, instructs him in the art that gives him the possibility to be useful for his life.

 In the physical part, the sport helps the development of the motor skills of the human being, so by exercising the boy increases his necessary skills such as jumping, running, climbing and the time-space relationship. About Us:In the physical part, the sport helps the development of the motor skills of the human being, so by exercising the boy increases his necessary skills such as jumping, running, climbing and the time-space relationship. 


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