The corporation of the all employee in

The important of HRM
Human resource management (HRM) is a process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensation employee and attending their labor relations, health and safety concern (Dessler, 2013). There are many issues arise in the public and government sector organizations which HR managers is the person who need to resolve these problems. There are few points note that the important of HRM in organization for manager.
One of the important of HRM is can help the organization manage employees to work effective and efficiency. “Employee is the company most important asset.” This statement had commonly used in industry that illustrate the important role of employees play in the development of the company. The employee working effective, this can increase the company productivity as well as save operation time (Burma, 2014). The company can produce the product on time without any delay. Besides that, the effective employee can increase the profit of the company. The company can accomplish and achieve the goal with the corporation of the all employee in the company.
Secondly, the HRM are important to give the employee a good environment working place. A good environment can affect the employee performance. It also can act as motivation for employee to work hard and loyalty to the company (Burma, 2014). The increase of the motivation will make the employee more productive in their work at the same time can increase the profit of the company. Furthermore, the hygiene and safety problem are the most important working environment that the employee concerned. The employee will feel scared when they working in the unprotective and unsecure environment. The company should have the appropriate protective policy to protect workers and help them to eliminate the fears. For example, in the construction industry, the company should make sure the tools provided to workers are safe.
Last but not least, one of the most valuable aspects and significant of HRM is hiring and recruiting the right candidates (Aslam, 2014). The manager of HRM will selected which person will join to the organization. This is the important task to manager because it can avoid personnel mistake that the manager doesn’t want to make while managing (Dessler, 2013). Recruitment the right person can help the company to increase the quality and quantity of the work in line of the organization. The HR manager should select the people who have talented and can fit in the workplace because it can influence the organization performance and the business goal. On the other hand, if the HR manager are hiring the wrong person, it will drain on resources such as financial cost and productivity cost. In addition, the HR manager also need to provide intensive training program for employee. This can help the employee to build up their skill, enhance their job performance and faced the trend challenges. Therefore, the employee who feel valued and appreciated by the leader are more likely go beyond for the company (Schroeder, 2012). Most importantly, they will feel responsible in their task. If the leader is not appreciated to their employee, they will lose the benefit of the long-term team.

Employment / Recruitment policy
The recruitment policy is a statement that how you hire a person. It is the outline to help company in the recruitment process. The recruitment policy can serve as rubric to the recruiter.
Top Glove is the largest rubber glove manufacturer in the world and the company is searching for the young employee with talent and experience professionals to support their business so that their business can continuous growth and development. Besides that, Top Glove company is committed to attract high caliber staff to make sure that the recruitment process is efficient and fair. The affirmative action is applying to give support to the person who has discrimination in work previously before. The company also support the working environment is characterized by employment justice and cultural. There are many types of job offered by the Top Glove company such as Logistics Executive, Purchasing Executive, Executive, Centralized Planning, Documentation and Internship.
The method of recruitment for Top Glove is advertising. Nowadays, Top Glove company used the electronic method such as organization-wide intranets for the recruitment. The company will post the job vacancy through online to all people. (Figure 1). The Top Glove official website provide Top Glove E-job online employment application’s page. In addition, Top Glove’s website has listed down all the job vacancy from different department. For example, in Top Glove company, the human resource department have the vacancy position as general manager and executive. In addition, the E-job online employment application has provided information regarding location so that it was easy for the people to act as a reference. Each of the position provide the different requirement for people to apply. The application form has the inherent requirements of the job, the job title and responsible of the work.
Furthermore, Top Glove published the job vacancy through newspapers and place a banner about the recruitment outside the company. The main elements should provide in the job advertisement are the vacancy positions of the job, instruction on how to apply and the minimum requirement for apply the job positions. These elements are very important to the company in the recruitment process. The HR staff will select the qualified candidates after they review the job application from all the candidates. The qualified candidates will receive the notice 5 days by mail or phone call before the interview session. Testing candidates is the next step to test and determine whether the candidates are qualified for the position. Normally, the candidates will be test on their knowledge and soft skills. After that, there is an interview session for the candidate with the manager. The manager will choose the most qualified candidate to hold the position. Top Glove will have a background check to the selected qualified candidate. It can make sure that the company have selected the right and potential candidates and avoid bad reputation happened for the respective company.

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Besides that, the Top Glove offer the Industrial Trainee Training Program for the university or college student. This is a great opportunity for student to gain the working experience working with the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Glove. The student will learn through practice to a real working situation with the Top Manager. The company also will pay the attractive allowance for the student and the student will experience different aspect of good manufacturing practices and company culture. There also have the requirement in their website regarding the Industrial Trainee Training Program. Additionally, Top Glove could offer full time position and become part of the employee of the company when they complete the undergraduate study if the performance and working attitude of the trainees is good.
Figure 1

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