The a necessity that I have felt time

The very purpose for me behind pursuing a
Masters in Engineering comes not from the idea of mere formal education, but
from a necessity that I have felt time and again. I must therefore, at the
outset confess that I do not perceive the Master’s course as an end in itself, but as a means to achieve the end that I set out to achieve even
before I joined college.

Once, during summer vacations, I had
to stay at my cousin’s place. My curiosity led me to my cousin’s workshop where
I saw him modifying cars and bikes. Having already a passion for building
things, I was even more fascinated to see from up-close, the process of
modification of vehicles. I also got to know about the engine and its various
components and how they are assembled together to make the entity called ‘machine’.

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the end of schooling, I realized that my true calling was an avenue that would
help me achieve my ultimate goals i.e. imagine, build and create. Thus, an
Engineering College was a deliberate choice.

joined Manipal University Jaipur in 2013 and opted for a course in Mechanical
Engineering. Although my under graduate program offered a wide choice of
subjects, I was especially drawn towards Machine design, Engineering Drawing,
Theory of Machines, Automotive Engineering, Kinematics of Machinery, Renewable
Energy Systems and IC engines.

my under-graduation program, I undertook various projects and was even involved
in the project “SAE BAJA 2015”, organized by the Society of Automotive
Engineers, India. This involved CAD designing and subsequently complete
fabrication of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). We managed to qualify the virtual
round by creating absolutely unique designs while still conforming to the rules
prescribed by SAE. Finally, after months of hard work and nights of
perseverance, we completed the fabrication process. It was a great learning
experience as I was put to challenging situations during the whole fabrication
process. It fueled my passion for manufacturing.

My actual exposure to the real
manufacturing process happened when I underwent industrial training and
internships. In my first internship I was attached to the Motorsport department
of Volkswagen India, Pune for a period of two months (June-July, 2015). At
Volkswagen, I learned extensively about Motorsport cars and their performance
enhancement which typically consisted of modifying stock cars by making
functional changes in the engine such as adding supercharger, ECU remapping and
other changes in Aerodynamic parts. During this period, I worked on the project
titled “Design of the Diffuser for a Rally car”. Though I was asked only to
make a research note on the subject, I decided to go beyond and make an actual
prototype of an aerodynamic part called ‘diffuser. The obvious challenge here
was that interns, unlike employees, did not have access to car parts and other
resources. Yet, through systematic planning I first designed a CAD model and
then created the prototype using paper mash. To my amazement, not only my mentor
appreciated this but he also made it a part of the modified vehicle.

from working on designs and prototypes, I have also worked on research-based
quality control in Quality departments of Mercedes- Benz India, Pune (July-2016)
and Maruti Suzuki India, Gurgaon (Jan- May, 2017). In Mercedes, I routinely
assisted my mentor with the quality audit and inspection visits to various
part-suppliers. This involved a careful inspection of the manufacturing process
used by the vendors and identification of any defect so that necessary changes
could be recommended. The skills that I developed at Mercedes helped me
immensely for my relatively longer internship of five months at Maruti Suzuki
India. I was assigned the project titled “Analysis and Development of Steering
Wheel”. This was crucial because Maruti had recently received some complaints
about key defects in the steering wheel and my mentor was asked to propose
necessary changes. I happily accepted the responsibility and worked extensively
to contribute to the proposed model and new manufacturing process. Together,
these two internships gave me the important lesson that even greatest of
inventions require constant research and improvement.

I completed my
bachelor’s degree with distinction. I have frequently participated and won
competitions such as the “Automotive Quiz” in the SAE Convention MNIT, Jaipur.
I have also attended various seminars and workshop on Automotive Systems, and
several others for learning software’s like CATIA, CREO 2.0 AUTOCAD and ANSYS.
For all four years in college, I was an active member of the Organizing
Committee and supervised various events, cultural and technical.

The goal that I had set out to achieve was
to come up with novel industrial manufacturing processes to benefit society at
large. After working for considerable period on various industry level problems
and juxtaposing them with the principles that I learnt at college, I am
convinced that I am faced with questions, answer to which my existing
curriculum has not been able to provide. I am thus looking for an expansion of
horizons. My undergraduate course has surely equipped me better, yet there is a
long way to go to explore, learn, and imbibe those qualities that will help me
achieve my larger goal. It is therefore imperative to go deeper into the
subjects and unravel the advanced principles.

acquiring an in-depth knowledge from the Master’s course, I aspire to pursue a
PhD. This aspiration is motivated by the desire to innovate and create things
and processes that would contribute towards the betterment of the world through
enhancement of science and technology. As a constant aid to my learning in
research and also to stay in synch with the industrial realities, I intend to
work with an industry level R Department of a renowned manufacturer.

The reason I opted to pursue MS in USA is
because it has excellent faculties, course structure and world class amenities.
Most importantly, it has friendly milieu for the foreign students which makes
it a perfect destination for pursuing any master’s degree which will have
global recognition. It will also enable me to understand the diversity in terms
of language, cultural perspective and experience which will go a long way in
shaping my personality and give me an insight into understanding the different behavioral
patterns of people.

I must admit with candor that my decision
to pursue masters from University of Cincinnati is motivated by a peculiar
reason. During my final years in college, I had the opportunities of going
through the works of Prof. Sam Anand and Prof. Michael J Alexander-Ramos. Specifically,
I was intrigued by Prof. Michael J
Alexander-Ramos work on “Multidisciplinary modeling and design
optimization” and his research interest in Advanced
Automotive Systems, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. Thus, I hold Prof. Sam Anand and
Prof. Michael J Alexander-Ramos in
very high esteem and would want to learn under their tutelage. Also, the
systemic planned curriculum comes as an additional advantage to me and it
overall appears to be a promising venture.

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