The institution (Krasner 1999). Furthermore, sovereignty is still

state and sovereignty, a long-lived debate, have recently been
re-argued with the increasing influence of globalization. The concept
of sovereignty developed in the 18th century, which is a supreme,
perpetual, and indivisible power, marked by the ability to make law
without the consent of any other, designed by Bodin (1576), has begun
to already doubted. As the general characteristics of this age, we
live in economic globalization, regional integration and permeable
borders (Smith, Solinger 1999). Besides the economic globalization,
that current processes of globalization, with the rise of nonstate
actor, transnational organizations and the widespread international
human right norms, global transformation is occurring. This
conditions also has brought cultural and political globalization.
Even though there is kind of a consensus on these changes in
worldwide, there is an ongoing debate about the effects of these
changes. In this direction, some have claimed that the concept of
state sovereignty is in decline (Zacher 1992; Gottlieb 1993). On the
other hand, the process of globalization has provided a strong link
between the state itself and the state which is at the core of the
sovereign institution (Krasner 1999). Furthermore, sovereignty is
still a valid and attractive concept, even for weak states, which are
influenced by outside actors. Indeed, there is a reason to believe
that in the process of continuing globalization the territorial
aspect of sovereignty is indeed evolving. However, the patterns of
trade and capital flows are a strong argument that the global economy
is going beyond national borders. In contrast, the globalization of
migration trends has increased the importance of land quality, the
cornerstone of sovereignty, and its determination in world politics.
In this context, this article examines the process of globalization
and investigates the validity of the state control elements.

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