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The greatest problem facing our society is water pollution. Water is the most necessary resource for life. Not only is it vital to stay alive, but today’s society depends on water for almost everything. Water is used for domestic needs, such as plumbing, bathing, dishwashing and laundry. It is also becoming a luxury, since water provides the fun that people have on weekends through their alcoholic beverages. In addition, swimming is one of the most popular sports in the United States, since the United States is represented by the Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps. The list goes on to explain why this world needs water, but every day all these people unconsciously pollute the water, on which they depend a lot. The amount of pollution in the ocean today is really disgusting when you realize that the ocean is the main water supply for everyday life. In this paper, I will discuss many of the ways the ocean is polluted, how this pollution affects our society and living resources, and finally some potential solutions to help prevent over-pollution.Oil is another serious and potentially deadly one. In a variety of ways. Hundreds of millions of liters of oil end up in the seas each year, mainly from non-accidental sources. Some of the main sources include exhaust, natural gas, large spills and offshore drilling. Large coral reefs and mangroves, coral reefs and mangroves, which are the most sensitive to oil. The intertidal zones in the ocean are also extremely sensitive, so the creatures in this area are damaged in a way that is damaged by the spills. It is almost certain that he will die, because when he cleanses himself, he will swallow the oil. It will cause long-term damage. This is a damage to the sea and the sea. (Hepple). There is ample evidence that although people have been well informed about polluted ocean waters, pollution has not slowed down. In contrast, the amount of marine pollution has increased in the last thirty years. As human populations and industries in coastal areas expand, pollution also increases. In addition, ocean discharge increases every year, as do ocean outflows. Evidence of the increase can be seen from the high levels of coliforms in coastal waters, the increase in organic content in sediments, the reporting of significant levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons, oils and heavy metal residues in oceanic waters, sediments and organisms (Sindermann 1). This shows that people should not only know the problem of marine pollution, but should also act accordingly.Pollution not only hurts animals, it is also harmful to people. The oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface, so it is intended to influence the biological processes of the planet. Sixty percent of the human population lives on or near a coast, so apparently human health is related to ocean health. One of the main ways in which it affects humans is through the products of the sea, which makes it a direct correlation with the effect of pollution on marine life. When an edible fish is damaged, it is transferred to the food chain to humans. The human can eat this fish and then have toxins in his body, and this damage could be as mild as a stomach virus or as important as a deadly poison. This toxicity also multiplies because, before humans consume fish, fish consume other fish, also contaminated by toxins. Toxins accumulate and therefore influence humans to a large extent. Another way in which marine pollution affects human health is the proliferation of toxic algae or red tides. These flowers are poisonously concentrated as they rise to the food chain and spread to the shores of the entire world. Toxins in bloom affect humans simply by contact with skin and aerosols, causing health problems such as nausea, respiratory failure, loss of memory and even fatality (Knowlton). Given these examples, it is no longer possible to believe that pollution affects only corals and fish; Marine pollution is damaging life all over the world.

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