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The BijuPatnaik University of Technology ( BPUT), Orissa, with its head-quarters inRourkela came into being in November 2002 through an act of the Government. Themain objective of instituting the University was to ensure a high quality ofstudents coming out of the technical colleges through a common curriculum anduniform evaluation. Today, the University has 110 colleges, both constituentand affiliated, with around 58,000 students. The disciplines includeengineering and architecture, business management and hotel management,computer studies and pharmacy. Several of these offer both undergraduate andpost graduate studies.Biju Patnaik University of Technology took its birth in the year2003 with the laying of foundation stone on the auspicious hand of lateDr.


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Abdul Ka lam, the hon’ble President of India. Riding on the chariotof Public-Private Partnership, the University has grown to-day to a big familyof 158 colleges and covers all gamut of technical education systems of thecountry. To-day it is a proud university who offers Ph.D, Master Degree andUndergraduate Degrees in the areas of engineering, management, pharmacy,architecture, planning and many more. To-day it dreams to introduce B-Voc,M-Voc, and Ph.D-Voc to become an effective partner in the national missionskill development.

The unique ICT based training programs of the university toreach the unreached is one of the steps out of many of its initiatives ofDigital BPUT. In the changing scenario, the university has adopted a model ofPPIP(Public-private-Industry-partnership) to make the education more meaningfuland relevant, The Unique student and industry friendly unique curriculum of theuniversity introduced recently will help the students and industry to meet theexpectations.The university believes in “Think Good, Do Good, Be Good “philosophyand offers education as a service but not as a business. The dynamic modeladopted in the university to growing towards its goal for quality in technicaleducation and also provides a true platform to students for quality learning.the big-Dream of the university along with the qualified faculty member;skilled staff and excellent infrastructure make the university the most sought forplace of technical education.

Vision To be a world class brand name for providing technical man power needed in industry and academia. To create wealth and prosperity in the society through application of technical knowledge.Mission Facilitate making the places of teaching intellectually stimulating and emotionally pleasurable for the students and faculty. Ensure proficiency in students in their domain of study as well as in soft skills (IT and Communicative English). Establish world class Centres in Higher Studies and Research.Body of Paper: Stress is wear and tearsof our bodies experience as well as we adjust to our continually changingenvironment. It has physical and emotional effects on us and can createpositive and negative feelings. As a positive stress it can help us for action.

And as a negative stress it can result in feeling distrust, rejection, angerand depression which in turn can lead to health problems. Stress in our body’sway of responding to any kind of demand. It can caused by both good and badexperiences.

Stress is a normal physical response to events that make us feelthreatened or upset our balance in some ways.Accordingto Beehr & Newman, “job stress is a condition arising from the interactionof the people and their jobs characterized by changes within people that forcethem to deviate from their normal functioning”. Accordingto Ivancevich & Mafferson,”stress is the interaction of the individualswith the environment, it is an adaptive response, mediated by individualsdifferences and psychological process, that is a consequence of any externalaction, situation or event that places excessive psychological or physicaldemands upon a person”.Asper medical explanation the term stress is the body’s general response to environmentalsituation.Selye, who has done considerable research on stress has viewed stress as thenon-specifically induced changes within a biological system.

it is non-specificbecause any adaptation to a problem faced by the body, irrespective of the bodyand nature of problem included in stress.Thereare different features of stress, such as·        Stress may result in anykind of deviation Physical, psychological or behavioral in the person. Thisdeviation in from the usual state of affairs. Stress different from anxietywhich operates solely in the emotional and psychological sphere.·        Stress may be result ofindividual interaction with environmental stimuli. Such stimuli may be in anyform, interpersonal interaction, event and others. The impact of the stimuliproduces deviation in the individual.·        It is not necessary thatstress in always dysfunctional.

On the contrary there may be some stressescalled eustress, like stress toll creative work, entrepreneurial activities.Keen competition etc, which stimulate better productivity.    Causesof stress Individual Stressor 1.       Life and Career Changes 2.       Personality Type 3.

      Role Characteristics                                               Organizational Stressor 1.       Organizational Policy 2.       Organizational Structure 3.      Organizational Processes   Group Stressor 1.       Group Cohesiveness 2.       Social Support 3.

       Conflict            Causeand Effect Stress Model Sl.No Causes Effect 1 Lack of group cohesiveness Low self esteem 2 Role Ambiguity Poor self confidence 3 Role overload High rate of absenteeism 4 Job difficulty Job dissatisfaction 5 Lack of role clarity Bodily disorders like peptic ulcer, heart problem 6 Inappropriate leadership style Alcoholism 7 Lack of delegation Drug Addiction  Impactof stress on working womenGenerallystress is considered to be negative and it has many effects upon individual.Thepresence of high level of stress in an individual which affects job performanceadversely and creates many types of physical, psychological and behavioralproblems.·        Physical problemsStress causes physical reactions,including autonomic, excitability of nerves, increased heart-rate and decreaseof body temperature. A research tending suggested that high level stress inaccompanied by high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol and can resultin heart disease, ulcer, arthritis.

·        Psychological problemsHigh level of stress may beaccompanied by psychological reaction such an anger, anxiety, depression,nervousness, irritability, tension and boredom depending upon the nature ofstress and the capacity of individual to bear stress.·        Behavioral problemsBecause of high level of stresspeople shown dysfunctional behavior such as alcoholism drug addiction,increased smoking, sleeplessness, under/over eating.·        BurnoutBurnout is a syndrome where in aperson breakdown physically and emotionally due to continuous over work over along period of time.

·        Rust outRust out is a syndrome where in aperson is chronically under worked and his skills are underutilized inperforming the job. Physicalreaction due to high level of stress (i)     CognitivesymptomsMemoryproblems, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, seeing only the negativeanxious, constant worrying.(ii)  EmotionalsymptomsMoodiness,irritability, or short tempered, agitation, sense of loneliness and isolation,depression or general unhappiness.(iii)                       Physical symptomsAchesand pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, chest pain, rapid heartbeat.

(iv) BehavioralsymptomsEatingmore or less, sleeping too much or too little, isolating yourself from othersusing alcohol, cigarette, nervous habit (nail biting).StressManagementHighlevel stress affects the individual directly and through them, their familiesand organizations are also affected. Therefore efforts should be made toovercome the negative consequences of high stress. There are both individualcoping strategies and organizational coping strategies.·        Physical exercisePhysicalexercise is a good strategy to get body tit to overcome stress Physicalexercise of different types such as walking, jogging, swimming, playing etc.

·        RelaxationImpactof stress can be overcome by relaxation. The relaxation can be simple one orsome specific techniques of relaxation such as biofeed-back and meditation.·        Work home transitionWorkhome transition is also like a relaxation techniques. In this technique aperson may attend to less procure inducing type or routine work during the last30 or 60 minutes to work time. For instance during the last hour of work, theperson can review the day’s activities.

·        Cognitive therapyBecause of high level of stressspecial cognitive therapy techniques have been developed by psychologist. Inthese techniques lectures and interactive discussion sessions are arranged tohelp participant.·        Net-workingNet- working is the formation ofclose associations with trusted empathetic co-workers and colleagues who aregood listeners and confidence builders. ResearchFinding 1. Discrimination at workplace.2. Challenges to safety and dignity.4.

Juggling between work, home,relationship and personal life.5. Ego of male counterparts.6. Inequality as in provision ofopportunities in terms of job responsibilities projects and organizationaladvancement.7.

Sesual abuse.8.During the interaction with lady faculty members it is find that, in comparisonto academic activities they involved more in non-academic activities.

9.      Burden of classes are also more for ladyteaching executives.10.

Less no. of faculty members according tothe requirement.11. Recruitmentof female faculty also not supportive because they are not so efficient forstudents marketing.12. As theno.of female faculty is less….

.among the male staff unprofessionalism is quitecommon.13. Seniormale staff harass female faculty socially, emotionally and educationally andeconomically too.14.  Salary and compensation also less incomparison to male executives being equal in education and experience.

15. Nonacceptance of talent and offered disrespect.16. Womenexecutives faced challenges to their life, safety and dignity.Thereare many organizational coping strategies such as:·        Supportive organizationalclimateMany of the organizational stressorsemerge because of faulty organizational processes and practices. To a verygreat extent there can be controlled by creating supportive organizationalclimate with managerial leadership rather than the use of power.·        Job enrichmentA major source of stress in themonotonous and disinteresting jobs performed by employees in the organizationthrough more rational designing of jobs can be enriched with responsibility, recognition,opportunity for achievement and advancement.

·        Organizational RoleclarityPeople experience stress when theyare not clear about what they are expected to do the organizational. This mayhappen because either there in ambiguity in the role or there in role conflict.Such situation can be overcome by defining role more clearly.·        Career planning andcounselingCareer planning and counseling helpsthe employees to obtain professional advice regarding career paths that wouldhelp them to achieve personal goals It also makes them aware of what additionalqualifications, training and skills they should acquire for career advancement.

·        Stress control workshopOrganizations can organize periodicalworkshops for control and reduction of stress. Such workshops may helpindividual to learn the dynamics of stress and methods of overcoming its illeffects.·        Employee assistanceprogramme (EAP)Employee assistance programmers weredesigned to assist employees in dealing with the basic causes of stress. Someprogrammes included were counseling and psychological services for employeesand workers.·        Stress managementtrainingStress management training in employed bymany organizations today as a method to get employees to either work throughregular stress or to control their stress level.

Stressis an inevitable concomitant of organizational life. It source is anorganization is task or role related. An organization being a network of rolesperformed in inters connected positions in dynamic in nature. The complex anddynamic environment in which organization have to exist adapt themselves andgrow, add to further stress at work. These environment forces include rapidtechnological advancements, their adaptation in organizations consequentchanges, in the nature of job the demands made on employee skills, increasedemployee expectations about the quality of work life and in congruenceperceived organizational outcomes or benefit, changes in organizational interms of downsizing, mergers, expansion closures affecting employment security,social relations at work and upward mobility.Stressis the psychological and physiological reaction that takes place when oneperceives an imbalance in the level of demand placed on the capacity to meetthat demand on individuals.

Womenare best recognized for organizing their role as professional and house makerpretty flawlessly. However this organizing may cost them more stress than theycan actually manage. It is better known as dual role stress.


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