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The first thing we can sense in la la land is the nostalgic escapism theme, the way movie serves us an entertaining Hollywood inspired picture where we can see many adaptations coming from MGM’s golden age musicals. Whit this aspect of inspiration usage, spectators feel happy to see something close, modern version of golden musicals they once saw. probably many of them felt home and filled with the enthusiasm of gazing through something familiar. In my thoughts most importantly La La land’s spirit is a good combination of past and modern, so you don’t just feel like you’re witnessing something you’ve seen before but other than that comforting feeling you can sense the way movie handling the modern sides of new age thoughts and still can give spectators good parts of act  where they can fill the longing side they have for early golden musicals spirit. In modern times musicals, music’s tone is kept down as the action takes the stage, however, La La land’s one of the successful examples of modern time musical that keeps the music up while giving us sensible,artistic story and actions rather than fast and easy dialogues. So I can describe La la land as a true musical movie. You can directly feel the musical sense from actors instantly jumping into the songs and starting to dance. La La land is giving the spectator much enthusiasm, the joy of making music. According to my thoughts, Damien Chazelle’s daring behavior to dream big and creating a movie where he’s referring to some golden age musicals in modern age is perceived as a box office risk. La la land’s derring-do way seems to achieve its big goals. In my opinion, the use of camera is adding the film a special aspect. The film almost takes you and let you experience a dreamy, joyful and sometimes sensitive show. In La la land there are many references to classical musical movies from singing in the rain and many more. If we wanna look closely we can start with one of my favorite scenes where we see Mia and Sebastian dancing on a dark sky almost inspired stage that is covered with starry lights we can see a very successful mirroring of Broadway melody of 1940 where Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell doing a romantic dances on a starry stage. One of the most certain homage is coming from La La land to Singing in the rain. Both Mia and Sebastian are creatives that are trying to be a part of the show business in L.A. So do Don and Kathy in singing in the rain, the relationships of couples are so comparable. Costumes in La la land and color palette is also referring to many old musicals. So we can say that La la land is clearly drawing aesthetics of MGM’s golden era musicals and took it to the modern life. the story takes place in la as well as the successful musicals in the past. Typically it has a love story in the center which is surrounded by artistic theme. I honestly think the use of camera has a big part in movies climbing the way to success. The style of the La La land is so far away from traditional, stage-based musicals. The classical musicals we were used to seeing happy endings, even though La La land builds a fun, romantic story, it also reveals the realistic sides of the modern life. Other then in mgm musicals we see the idealized protagonist, in La La land we see Sebastian facing problems and plans that don’t end up as we picture, like a nostalgia trapped inside complications of modern life. I think movie uses past musicals as a charming effect to present the movie, but when we take a walk inside we see that how real, modern life actually is. However I mostly see La La land as a huge homage to MGM musicals but one of the biggest difference is that MGM’s musicals were played by actors and actresses that are very well at singing, acting, and dancing I think the past musicals were a bit complex and strict about performances perfection. From this aspect, i can’t say that La La land is a quite successful “musical” but if we criticize it from  the sensing aspect La La land is a masterpiece at making people feel like they are inside a dreamy journey and sometimes pushes them down as if they’re facing the reality in the world. Last but not least I would like to say that La La land is a beautifully made movie that contains pretty, musical capacity in it. 

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