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Last updated: June 3, 2019

The highlight of my A-levels so far has been studying Media Studies, which has fuelled my desire to pursue a career in Film Studies. In Media Studies the part that has interested me most is thoroughly analysing films I have watched such as “28 Days Later”, where I have made extensive research on my wordpress blog as part of my coursework.

This has resulted in me wanting to develop my knowledge and understanding of film studies and acquire a real appreciation for the making of films.Throughout my time in secondary school I have always had a constant drive and interest in Media Studies that stems back to primary school, where I took an interest into animations and making short films using Digital Blue cameras and editing software. Therefore, studying media at both GCSE and A Level has enabled me to expand my interest in the subject, especially studying films. My admiration for film was further developed by my visit to the British Film Institute with my media class.

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This was an eye-opening experience as it gave me an insight into the potential careers that I could pursue in the future. This opportunity inspired me to visit the institute again to watch a screening of “The Childhood of a Leader”, where I was particularly impressed with the films score highlighting my initiative and interest into the subject.Another aspect of my Media Studies course I have enjoyed was completing group coursework, which involved my group producing a film opening.

Whilst enjoying working and participating in my group in regards to filming and editing, I preferred researching and analysing films and openings for our project as we chose one of my favourite film genres, Dystopian Thrillers. I took inspiration from the film, “Children of Men” in terms of camera angles to symbolise the dystopian world the film is set in. My understanding of the genre was valuable when filming our opening, as I was able to find potential codes and conventions.In addition, I frequently watch YouTube channels such as “NerdWriter” and “Every Frame a Painting” which explore interesting topics in regards to films, such as analysing directors ideas and motives in the form of video essays.

For me, this is both a method of learning as well as developing my interest into media and films further. As many of the techniques in these videos are key points in my media course, they have proven to be extremely useful in my exams, such as the use of mise-en-scene and various editing techniques.The A Levels I am currently studying are Media Studies, History and Computing. History has been extremely beneficial in terms of improving the way I structure written arguments, as it is a transferable skill I can use when extracting and including relevant information in my degree relating to film studies in the future. Furthermore, History has also improved my skills in analysing sources, whilst taking into account different aspects such as looking for evidence for bias demonstrating my critical analysis skills.

From my Computing A Level the most relevant skill that will apply to my university study, is the patient and methodical approach which is required in order to solve problems and consider more than one perspective when tackling issues. This illustrates how I am an independent, resilient learner, which are essential skills to have when studying a degree.My trip to Bristol University was another experience, which informed me about possible courses and degrees I could follow such as a content manager or editor, working in writing about films. This opportunity also gave me confidence that I had chosen the right course to pursue.

I am looking forward to studying a Film Studies degree and building upon my current knowledge of areas such as film narrative and reading film by learning about more topics in higher education. I believe that I am a determined, motivated and focused learner and I know that I will thrive when facing the challenges and opportunities that university has to offer.


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