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Last updated: May 14, 2019

The value proposition Quartz towards plumbers is pretty simple.  They are well aware that plumbers are stubborn to change.  Tim Pestell said in the article that. “Plumbers were wary of innovation.”  Their value proposition towards plumbers is simple.

 It involves an in-person meeting with their team of plumbers in which they will describe the product and its benefits for plumbers.  Their approach to consumers is different.  Pestell says in the article that,” an advertisement campaign will be launched in october targeting the average consumer.”  There’s not a lot of optimism in this advertisement but, there is hope.2.   There are certain advantages to a multiple brand strategy.  One of the advantages is that the company is able to create a new brand with little cost.  Another benefit of multiple brand strategy is competition between branches of the company.

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 Each branch is competing to sell their product and therefore the company benefits.  Also, this means that the company is able to take up more space in stores than competing companies.  It does make sense to do this, but not for every company.3.  There are a couple things that Quartz could do to generate sales momentum.

 One of those things would be to increase targeting of developers.  Developers are where the company is going to make money.  Many plumbers work for developers and therefore simply follow the instructions of developers. Like Pestell said earlier, “Plumbers are stubborn to change.”  They do not like using products they are unfamiliar with.  Pestell also says that, “plumbers who us their product immediately become converted to the product.”  By targeting developers and selling to them, Quartz can sell their product in large mass and plumbers will become more familiar with the product and recommend it.  Rawlinson states that “selling to developers can be difficult due to high prices.

”  This may be true but the company has not invested a lot of their efforts in selling to developers.  By marketing developers, they will sell more. The Do-It-Yourself market is not very profitable for this product.  Not a lot of people are looking to install their own shower heads. Another thing the company can do to generate sales momentum is advertisement.  The company needs to put more of an effort in advertisement if they want to sell to developers, consumers and others.

The prices are very high at Quartz and for that reason, many people feel they can not afford their products, especially developers. Rawlinson says that “developers see Quartz products as premium items and are not worth their money.”  Obviously not every developer feels this way, but price definitely is an issue.  I believe that Quartz should lower their prices and little but not by a substantial amount.  They believe they have a great product that is worth its price.  The problem lies in their marketing of said product.


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