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The King was determined to make everyone accept both the change of the church, and his divorce to Katherine. He brutally pushed those who disagreed with him. The punishment would result in death. One man who would not accept the King’s authority was Sir Thomas More. Sir Thomas came around to accepting the King’s marriage to Katherine, however, he refused to agree with the changes to the church. Before he was executed he gave a small speech saying that he had always been a great servant to the King, but he always puts God first. Sir Thomas stood by what he believed in. His faith was more important to than even his own survival. Sir Thomas Moore died for his religious beliefs. It was important for him to be true to his conscience and do what is right no matter the cost. Some might ask why doesn’t Thomas Moore just say what they want him to say because God knows he does not believe it, but He believes if he does not follow his own conscience, he will have no soul.
A moral dilemma I have faced was in seventh grade. It was in math class. The teacher had assigned an assignment and my best friend, Ruth, did not due the assignment. she asked me if she can copy off my paper and I was hesitant because I did not want to get in trouble with the teacher. She started begging me so I agreed to let her copy my work because I felt bad for her since she was already failing the class. Ruth started to quickly copy off the answers and that’s when the teacher walked in. Ruth did not realize that the teacher had walked in but then the teacher caught her. The teacher pulled us from class and she asked me if Ruth was copying off my paper or if I was just helping her with the assignment. I had difficulty deciding between telling the truth and saving my friend from getting in trouble. I decided to tell the truth because it was the right thing to do. Ruth is not the type of student who does her homework, so it would not make sense to lie about it. She was my best friend and I did not want her to fail the class, but she chose not to do her work.

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