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The term attitude is defined as a tendency of an individual to respond to a certain object, maybe a person or a situation. Students’ attitude towards a subject has an important role in their success in learning and it follows that attitudes or beliefs on the subject will affect students’ mindset in learning Mathematics (Sanci, 2014). Having a positive outlook on the subject means that, you are accepting what the teachers will teach you and you are ready to learn. On the other hand, having the opposite will result in confusion thus disliking a subject which will affect the students’ mathematical performance. As Sanci’s Research asserts, Students in High School showed a strong positive correlation between attitudes towards math and mathematical achievements, then it also implies that if students have optimistic thoughts about math, it will translate to a better performance in math classes.

Having Negative attitudes in Math has different sources. A pessimistic approach towards math can be due to lack of motivation, teacher’s pressure and non-positive attitudes of teachers to students (Philippou & Christou, 1998). As Baruelo, et al., (2017) stated and Sanci (2014) in their recent study, Teaching and Learning process and Attitudes towards Mathematics play a crucial role on a students’ learning and performance in the subject. These factors may cause students to be less-participative on math activities which may drop the students’ interest in performing or learning mathematics (Sanci, 2014).

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Lack of motivation can start within families. Parents of the students might not be encouraging enough for them to be inspired or be interested in the subject. Parents may also have lack of motivation because they had low educational attainment, which follows that they have limited knowledge in the subject, which can be a hindrance on supporting their children in learning mathematics (Baruelo, et al., 2017)

Teachers can develop the pessimistic attitude unto students in a math class when they put up too much pressure on them. A lot of teachers in this generation, teach students the concept by examples and demonstration, then makes an assessment with difficult questions which are way beyond the knowledge of students. These put up stress to students and can cause their confidence in taking the subject to be lower, making them underperformed in math class.

The belief of Filipinos – “Kung ano ang puno, iyon rin ang Bunga”. This is also applicable to teaching. Teachers are the greatest example for the students to look up to. And with that, they can influence their negativity with his/her students. When a teacher has a negative attitude towards the subject, it will be a discouraging scene for the students and may influence students’ interest in math since the teacher is not interested or ready to teach the subject.

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