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The purpose of this paper is to give information about why sex education should be taught to children as early as  in primary school as children are vulnerable and preventing is better than curing.


 Knowledge is one important element and should not be limited to people due to anyone’s views. Same goes to sex education. Sex education is about sexuality, sexual activity, health, age of consent, contraceptive method, related diseases and the significance of contraception. Sex is a nature part of life and it can be discussed in a matured ways and is very important for both boys and girl to  collect information and learn about growth and reproduction. This education should be taught as early as in primary schools to understand how important self values or how to decide a good choice and make it right. Sex education is also for students to learn how we grow, reproduce, and changes that happens. Children need sex information from the right sources because it is better to receive such education from the trustful sources as one of them is school rather than from watching pornography or whatsoever from the media which is unhealthy. They will be some parents who never talk to children anything related to sex knowledge because afraid that it may lead the children in the wrong ways. But this lack of dialogue between parents and child, contributes children in the future to receive this type of information from the wrong sources or events. Children are a very good observant but they do not know the danger that may come up their way if they have not been exposed to sex education, or ways that they can be protected.  Sex education does not only limited to knowledge about intercourse but also to teach children to stay safe from any pedophiles because this education giving a platform for students to know their body. What is right and what is wrong. Abstinence-only education never shows that it encourage  children to have sex. There are studies that demonstrate that teaching sex education in primary school does not have the bad side most people afraid of.

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Sex education should be taught in school to keep the children safe from pedophile. Pedophilia or pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Children have all human rights too. Not because they are the “adults of tomorrow” or “the future” but because they are human beings today. Children can also be made more vulnerable than other people because of their young age and dependence on adults, so they have specific rights to protect them. Children are naturally curious about anything. They have little control over their environment. Unlike adults, they may be both unaware of risks and unable to make choices to protect their health. This is because, children open up to other people easily where they do not know what danger is or what pain is. Children are still inexperienced. Even if they do not plan to be sexually active, that does not mean that they should not learn about sex, anatomy, contraceptives and the other topics that make up sex education. Child is expected to fill the emotional or intimate needs of adults.

Early sex education act as preparation or advance prevention for children so that they are aware of the high-risk sexual behaviour. Even if they do not plan to be sexually active, that does not mean that they should not learn about sex, anatomy, contraceptives and the other topics that make up sex education. Furthermore, parents do not have to worry about on who will be doing the teaching as well as the content of sex education because the school will provide proper teaching lesson for primary students and approaching method based on different ages and stages. Take for an example, teachers will teach the primary students about human reproductive organ, what are the function of the organ so that they know which part of their body are sensitive and need to be protected especially from pedophile. Sex education is a crucial component in the health and moral growth among children. Thus, sex education should be mandatory, comprehensive, medically accurate and taught throughout student’s primary school years.

Basically at this age, kids are at the stage where the curiosity is really high. They will keep on asking each and everything that they curious about. For the past few years, there has been an acceleration in the rate of physical growth of children and adolescents, leading to faster and earlier maturation. However, it seems that neither parents nor schools have made any effort to respond to these changes. Some schools need to provide information the year before pupils leave for secondary school, when the children are 11 years old. In some instances, information is directed only at the girls and the boys are left out of discussions completely. Within families boys tend to receive less information about sex than girls. Among boys, this may result in the attitude that girls are responsible for birth control. Thus, through this sex education, it will help to educate the young kids. The sex education for the primary school students do not really need to explain everything but at least just the basics such as contraception and diseases involved. As for the results, it can promote the prevention of early teen pregnancies through the use of contraception. What is contraception? Contraception is the deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to prevent pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse. There are two types of contraception, hormonal methods and barrier methods.

Moreover, early sex education can also prevent sexual transmitted disease (STDs) among teenagers. The researchers found that teens who received comprehensive sex education were 60 percent less likely to get pregnant or to get someone pregnant than those who received no sex education. This is due to the information that they have been received about how to have safer sex and avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, they also have been informed that persons who sexually active could probably be diagnosed with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). STDs are infections that are passed from one person to another during vaginal, anal, and oral sex. They are really common, and lots of people who have them do not have any symptoms. (STDs) can be dangerous, but the good news is that getting tested is no big deal, and most (STDs) are easy to treat.  Examples of (STDs) are Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and the most common diseases that we always heard is HIV and AIDS.  With this knowledge, obviously, the teenagers would definitely be more concerned about the consequences of having sex. There is an important skill that sex education taught to their students. It is where you should practice saying ‘NO’ to your partner when you are not into it so that they can clearly communicate and understands you.

Sex education prevent the misleading information about sexual life. Basically, high school students have hormones that are running through their bodies, and  they  want to experiment for everything. If they are going to participate in sexual activity, it is better that they know about sex education as they will learn from primary school. Based to  Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance Survey, in 2015, the percentage for high school  student to do at least on sex is 48% percent  for more than once is 58 percent but only 18 percent had used birth control pills. Furthermore, one-fifth of sexually active high school students had used drugs or alcohol. It is clearly important to teach them before their puberty which is in primary school about how to make decisions that protect both their bodies and their minds. When this children exposed about the sex education they would say no for sexual intercourse. Giving the children an accurate picture of the risks of different types of sexual behavior can  help them make understand  the decisions involve in sex intercourse.

The most effective sex education programs tend to be the ones that try to steer teens away from specific activities that are the particularly high risk. Basically, the boys have seldom been  a focus on the sex education rather than girls. This is because people only see that boys do not bear the burden of pregnancy, delivery or termination. The boys also have the risk as they tend to take more risky behaviours rather than the girl. Because of less knowledge, they tend to lose their liberal attitudes in. When the boys are asked about the safe sex, the boys could not understand but when asked about the condom, they all laughed. This shows that the boys have lack information about safe sex because of all programmes about sex education is biased to girl. Because of no exposure to safe sex  to boys adolescent, they tend to learn by themselves. They learned it through VCD’s, book, magazine, as they think that the first learner about sex in reproduction during school is not in the detail. This shows that the adolescent has loss their liberal attitude and sex education can prevent the children to learned it from untrustful source.

In conclusion, based on the studies and the points given, it is encouraged to teach sex education in school as early as primary school. It is a big solid for students at a young age,  whose parents are not open enough to talk about this topic at home due to several beliefs. This is for children to stay protected and to used this sex knowledge in the future as they grow older and starting to build relationships. Exposing sex education for students is never to encourage them to have sex but to be protected and to know self worth. This is also to reduced unwanted pregnancy that happens to youngsters as they do not have this knowledge that later on leads to abortion as they have never been told how to refrain and control themselves. This education should be done with help from parents or people surrounding. As the school play part in giving the knowledge, parents should teach on morality. Parents should be more open about sex education as they can discuss with their children and hold the responsibilities because parents are children’s role model or someone they look up into. Through sex education, students will learn how to protect and refrain themselves or even know who are they dealing with. As for parents who do not open to the children, they should not standing on the opposite site of implementing sex education in school. With the credibility of evidence on this topic, sex education should really be implemented into schools curriculum

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